पूर्वोत्तर क्षेत्रीय विज्ञान एवं प्रौद्योगिकी संस्थान   
North Eastern Regional Institute of Science and Technology 
deemed-to-be-university under the Ministry of Education, Govt. of India
Nirjuli - 791109, Arunachal Pradesh 
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Computational Laboratory

The department has a well-maintained computational and simulation facility which is connected to National Knowledge Network (NKN) through institute LAN. It provides internet and e-mail services to all the members of the department to carryout their academic and research activities. Computer Laboratory is having the latest models of computers, workstation along with printers and scanners. The students get exposure to various types of Programming, Application, and Design software such as C, C++, dotNET, Java, AutoCAD, MATLAB, SPSS, Statistica, ArcGIS, ERDAS IMAGINE, etc. The facility fulfills the computational and research needs of students and faculty members of the department.

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Senior Instructor   MR JITEN BHUYAN

Dairy & Food Engineering Laboratory (DFE)

DFE Laboratory is well equipped with machinery and measuring equipment related to milk processing. The major attraction of machineries in the laboratory is Mini milk processing plant, Bottle Filling Machine, Freeze Dryer, Cream Separator. The major equipment available in the laboratory are Milk Scanner, Water activity meter, IR moisture analyzer, Viscosity meter, Humidity meter and Air velocity meter. These facilities are used for practical class, project and research work of UG and PG students and imparting the training to the farmers of surrounding village.

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Farm Machinery Laboratory (FM)

The FM Laboratory is one of the important laboratories of the Agricultural Engineering Department. It mainly includes the machinery for soil preparations, seed plantation, inter-cultural operations, plant protection, harvesting and threshing. The laboratory having tractor operated, power tiller operated, self-propelled, stationary engine operated, animal operated and manually operated equipment. The machineries are being used for practical classes as well as for research purposes. The cut-sections of different machinery are the beauty of laboratory which helps to explain the students of the different modules.

Lab Incharge   MR ANUBHAB PAL
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Farm Power Laboratory (FP)

FP laboratory has various source of farm power like tractors, power tillers, stationary engines and electric motors. The laboratory also has the cut-sections of tractor and stationary engine which helps in better understanding of the students. The various working models of the different systems of tractor like, fuel, clutch, gearbox, differential, steering, electric, etc is enhances the beauty of laboratory. Working model of bulldozer, scrapper, excavator, ditcher, grader and roller are also being used for conducting practical classes of earth moving machinery. Farm power laboratory has the facility to repair and maintenance of IC engines and tractor as a part of course curriculum. Laboratory has various instruments for testing and evaluation of tractors and power tillers in laboratory as well as field conditions. The setups for preparation and testing of biodiesel are also available in the laboratory.

Lab Incharge   MR TAGE TAPANG
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Lab Assistant   

Food Process Engineering Laboratory (FPE)

FPE lab is well equipped with the facilities for conducting the lab experiments and for demonstration of different unit operations in agricultural processing for Diploma and B. Tech level students. Lab experiments like physical and chemical analysis of different food and grain products can be conducted by using soxhlet extraction heaters, flame photometer, muffle furnace, vacuum oven, infrared moisture meter, refractometer, Hair hygrometer etc. Different agricultural processing unit operations like drying, Parboiling, extrusion, puffing, rice processing, seed cleaning, Freezing, packaging can be demonstrated as well as experiments can be conducted with the existing facilities. The available facilities support to prepare Jam, Jelly, Pickles and different kinds of food products by fruits and vegetable.

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Irrigation & Drainage Engineering Laboratory (IDE)

The IDE Laboratory supports teaching, research and demonstration in irrigation water management. It can be used for research on water balance studies, irrigation and drainage methods, flow measurement and analysis, water lifting devices etc. The laboratory is fully-equipped with soil moisture monitoring equipments like Tensiometer, Pressure plate apparatus necessary for irrigation and drainage as well as for soil and crop studies. Laboratory includes mainly V-Notches, Rectangular Weir, Automatic water level stage Recorder, Parshall flume, Current meter, Irrigation pump components, Chain pump, Water meter, Drip irrigation system, Flow regulator valves, Sand filter, Pump, Monoblock Pump set, Pump 0.5 HP with starter fittings and pressure gauge, Tilting flume and Hydraulic bench.

Lab Incharge


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Senior Instructor   MR. JITEN BHUYAN

Seminar cum Meeting Room

The department has a well-maintained air-conditioned seminar cum meeting room. The room is equipped with podium, whiteboard, projector and public address system. It has around 60 chairs set up in rows. It also has a stationary oval-shaped conference table along with a couple of rotating chairs for holding meetings. There is a variety of seminars held each week during the academic year. Under seminar course, each and every student (UG as well as PG) learn to present research papers and ask questions to each other. This room offers students of the department the opportunity to present their own research work and training experience to an appreciative and skeptical audience. This room also facilitates the needs of various departmental meetings.

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Senior Instructor   MR. JITEN BHUYAN

Soil & Water Conservation Engineering Laboratory (SWCE)

In the SWCE Laboratory the students are exposed to the various laboratory and field instruments. They analyze the Physical and Chemical properties of soil, In-situ measurement of soil moisture and density, Water quality testing and Modelling Hydrological System using the instruments like Infiltrometer, Self-recording rain gauge, Symons type rain gauge, Cone penetrometer , Speedy moisture meter, Soil Sampler, Sun Shine Recorder, Soil Testing kit, Permeability Apparatus, digital pH meter with Electrode, Micro pH meter with electrodes, Systronics S-C-T meter, Flame photometer with compressor, Sieve shaker, Reynolds apparatus collecting tank, Water bath, Magnetic Stirrer and Automatic weather station. Besides these instruments the lab has a facility of Satellite image processing and GIS Software.

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Senior Instructor   MR. JITEN BHUYAN