पूर्वोत्तर क्षेत्रीय विज्ञान एवं प्रौद्योगिकी संस्थान   
North Eastern Regional Institute of Science and Technology 
deemed-to-be-university under the Ministry of Education, Govt. of India
Nirjuli - 791109, Arunachal Pradesh 
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The theoretical knowledge imparted to the students is further supplemented by the practical classes. The infrastructure of the Department includes well equipped Power System Lab, High Voltage Engineering Lab, Electrical Machine Lab, Power Electronics Lab, Digital and Microprocessor Lab, Maintenance Lab, Electrical Workshop, Circuits and Measurement Lab, Control and Instrumentation Lab, PC Lab with internet connectivity, Energy Systems Lab and Project and Research Lab. Some of the equipment and software available in the various laboratories are detailed as under.

Electrical Workshop Lab

This lab is also dedicated to the students of Base module who are expected to learn hands on training on electrical wiring and related activities. This laboratory is equipped with Mini Lathe Machine, Winding Machine, Drilling Machine, Cubical for different types of Wiring Practice, Necessary tools, Tools Display Boards, 1-phase and 3-phase Energy meters, Charts etc.

Lab Incharge   Mr. Anu Kumar Das
Lab Assistant   Mohandas B.B.

Electrical Maintenance Lab

This lab is mainly for the students of Base module who are expected to learn hands on training on repair and maintenance of electrical appliances. Number of appliances such as Domestic Refrigerator, Air conditioners, Geysers, Heat Convectors, Table and Ceiling Fans, Vacuum Cleaner, UPS set, Water Cooler, Hot Plate, Immersion Heater, Different types of lamps with fittings, Oscilloscopes, Working Models for Electrical Circuits of Automobiles(in order) etc.

Lab Incharge:   Mr. Akhilesh Sharma
Lab Assistant   Mr. Sri Niwas Singh

Project and Research Lab

Modelling and simulation works are carried out in this lab mainly by postgraduate students and research scholars. Twenty PCs with 4 GB RAM has been provided in the lab. Uninterrupted internet connectivity is made available so that the students can browse and download journal/conference papers from institutionally subscribed site such as IEEE explore, Science Direct, Elsevier, etc. The lab has a printer, LCD projector and a Scanner to cater the needs of the students

Lab Incharge   Ms. Piyali Das
Lab Assistant   

Circuits and Measurement Lab

Wave Analyser, Double Channel Recorder, Analog Oscilloscope, DC Power supply unit (0-300V), DC power supply (0-60V) and Storage adapter, Wheatstone Bridge, Kelvin Double Bridge, VTVM, Instrumentation Tutor, Digital Storage Oscilloscope (2-channel), HP Computer (Pentium-III), LCR-Q Meter, Meggar, etc. are some of the equipment available in this lab.

Lab Incharge   Dr S.K. Bhagat
Lab Assistant   Mr. Atul Bora


The laboratory is under initial developmental stage. Currently Cadence PG Bundle, Mentor Graphics Verilog Simulators are available for 20 users. When fully developed, this lab will have around Linux based 30 workstations with internet connectivity.

Lab Incharge   Mr. T.V.P.Singh
Lab Assistant   

Control and Instrumentation Lab

This lab has DC Position Servo Trainer Unit, AC Servo Motor Speed/Torque Control Unit, DC Motor Speed Control Unit, Magnetic Amplifier, Synchro Transmitter and Receiver, Experimental PID Controller Unit, Digital ON-OFF Temperature Controller Unit, Analog and Digital Storage Oscilloscope (4-channel), Training and Development System for 8086, Data Acquisition of Control system, Direct Digital Control Training System, IBM Computer (Pentium-III), CA-06 Digital Motor, PC based Analog and Digital Motor Control, Distributed Control system DCS-5000, PC 45/ML programmable control teaching set, Digital Transducer and Instrumentation Trainer, Direct Digital Control System (CA-04), Rotary Servo 9 Plant(Servo 2).

Lab Incharge   Dr. R.K. Mehta
Lab Assistant   Mr. Atul Bora

Power Electronics Lab

This lab has EMMA Microcomputer, Fast AD/DA converter, DDC Motor Module, Command Potentiometer, LCR Q-tester, SCR Firing Unit, Industrial Electronics Trainer with Oscilloscope, Digital Storage Oscilloscope (4-channel), HP Computer (Pentium-IV), Motion Control Development Kit, MCK240 Development Package with Kit, Thyristor and Motor Control (Make: Feedback, UK), Power-scope, Oscilloscope (Make: Yokogawa), CASPOC Simulation Software, Bedford and Parallel Inverter Trainer kit, Micro Controller based Firing Circuit for Controlled Rectifier trainer kit, Speed Control of Universal Motor using SCR Trainer kit,1-phase controlled Rectifier with cosine Firing Scheme Trainer kit, 1-phase Controlled Rectifier with Ramp comparator firing scheme Trainer kit, IGBT characteristics Trainer kit, 1-phase Cyclo-Converter Trainer kit, Speed Control of AC Motor using TRIAC Trainer kit.

Lab Incharge   Mr. M.D. Singh
Lab Assistant   Mr. D.Roy Choudhury

PC Lab

The Department has a well furnished PC lab for undergraduate students with more than 40 computers with internet connectivity. Software such as Matlab, Multisim, PSCAD, etc. are installed in all the computers.

Lab Incharge   Mr. R. Blange
Lab Assistant   Mr. Binod Kumar Mistry

Electrical Machine Lab

The lab has wide range of motors and generators including DC Compound Motor, DC Compound Generator, 3-phase Induction Motor, both Squirrel Cage and Slip Ring type, DC Shunt Motor, DC Series Motor, Universal Motor, AC Synchronous Generator, AC Synchronous Motor, Scan Drive System for DC and AC Drive Speed Control, Motor Fault Simulator, Logic Pulse Generator, Function Generator, Digital Storage Oscilloscope, 3-phase Fluke Power Analyzer, 1-phase Induction Motor and Thyristor Control Panel, DG set, Stepper Motor Training System, PWM based Induction Motor Drive, V/f Controlled AC Drive, d-Space Real Time Simulator software.

Lab Incharge   Dr. A.K. Singh
Lab Assistant   Mr. S.S. Sarkar

Digital Electronics & Microprocessor Lab

This lab is equipped with Microprocessor Training Kits such as Dyna 8085 , STAR 85, VPL 8086/8088, Micro controller training Kit such as VMC-ICE31/51 and 80C196KC, Advance Handy Serial Programmer, Universal Programmer, Universal and Analog IC tester, Data Acquisition Software, Study Cards such as Memory Decoders, Usart, Programmer Timer, DMA,PPI with timer and Latch Cards, PC based Analog and Digital motor control teaching set, Robotics, Thermocouple, Load Cell, LVDT and DC motor speed control, 485 Protocol based Distributed Control System, Gain Measuring Instruments.

Lab Incharge   Dr. O.P. Roy
Lab Assistant   Mr. Sri Niwas Singh

Power System and Protection Lab

Power System and Protection lab is equipped with Distribution Line Simulator, PC controlled Power Analyzer, Oil test set, Different types of Electromagnetic and Static Relays, Dielectric Purification Plant, Analog Oscilloscope, Digital Storage Oscilloscope, 3-phase Variable Inductor, 1-phase and 3-phase Loading Rheostats, Digital Clamp or Power meters, LCR-Q meter, 3-phase Capacitor Bank, Capacitance and Tan Delta Test Set, Circuit Breaker Analyzer, Liquid Dielectric Purification Plant.

Lab Incharge   Mrs. Somila Hashunao
Lab Assistant   Mr. Somnai Wangpang

High Voltage Engineering Lab

This lab houses the latest 100 kV AC/145 kV DC Dielectric Test Set & 300 kV, 7.5 kJ, 1.2/50 microsecond Impulse Test Set, Measuring Sphere Gap MF-100, Electronic Sphere EZK, 2-Channel, 200MHz Digital Storage Oscilloscope with software for direct transfer of data from Oscilloscope to PC.

Lab Incharge   Dr. S. Chatterjee
Lab Assistant   Mr. R.P. Yadav

Energy Lab

In this lab energy related experiments are performed both by undergraduate and postgraduate students. The lab is equipped with advanced experimental setups such as Photo Voltaic Test Rig, Photo Voltaic Electric Generator, anemometers, solarimeter, etc. Experiments are carried out to plot I-V characteristics of PV modules, determine efficiency of PV driven water pumping system, etc.

Lab Incharge   Mr. N.L. Meitei
Lab Assistant   Mr. R.P. Yadav