पूर्वोत्तर क्षेत्रीय विज्ञान एवं प्रौद्योगिकी संस्थान   
North Eastern Regional Institute of Science and Technology 
deemed-to-be-university under the Ministry of Education, Govt. of India
Nirjuli - 791109, Arunachal Pradesh 
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Strength of Materials (SOM) Lab

Strength of materials lab is equipped with the various machines related with the materials testing. This include universal testing machine (for tensile and compression test), impact testing machine and hardness testing machine. The different mechanical properties such as strength, hardness and toughness can be tested. In addition to this, the lab also equipped with a torsion testing machine for finding out the modulus of rigidity of the test specimens.

Lab Incharge   Dr. S. S. Gautam
Lab Assistant   Mr. V.N. Pandey

Dynamics of Machinery (DOM) Lab:

This laboratory is equipped with various testing machines to impart practical knowledge about dynamics and kinematics of mechanical systems. This include (i) Acoustic insulation test apparatus with amplifier (B-400), (ii) CAM analysis machine (TM-21) with motor speed control, (iii) Whitworth quick return mechanism (HTM-09),(iv) Universal vibration apparatus (TM-16), (v) Function generator (Brand-Systronics:0-1000Hz), (vi) Digital Oscilloscope (Brand-Systronics: 25MHz), (vii) Governor apparatus (TM-127), (viii) Gyroscopic apparatus (TM-104), (ix) Balancing of reciprocating masses apparatus (TM-22), (x) Acceleration apparatus and(xi) Centrifugal force measurement apparatus (HFC-21). In addition various mechanism of mechanical system such as (i) Gear train analysis apparatus, (ii) Epicyclic Gear Train apparatus,(iii) Bar mechanism also available. Experiments/practical related to fundamental principles of theory of machines are conducted and practically shown to students so that they can perform practical work independently under the close supervision of technical experts of department.

Lab Incharge   Dr. S. S. Gautam
Lab Assistant   Mr. Y. T. Camder

Gas Dynamics (GD) Lab

The Gas Dynamics Laboratory conducts experiments on a variety of thermal-fluid dynamics topics while educating graduate and undergraduate students. Our philosophy is to perform basic as well as cutting-edge experiments while educating students in the research process, including the design of experiments, data collection and analysis. Laboratory is equipped with smoke tunnel, which facilitates flow visualization streamlines over various models like Lorry, Car, Cylinder, Sphere, Nozzole, orifice at different speed. It also have low speed wind tunnel that facilitate to perform experiments to find the velocity distribution, development of boundary layers. Basic instruments like air compressor, air flow rig, planimeter, digital manometer, and barometer is also available. Both UG and PG classes are held regularly in the laboratory apart from research activity like performance study of wind rotor.

Lab Incharge   Dr. N. K. Rana
Lab Assistant   Mr. V. N. Pandey

Refrigeration & Air Conditioning (R&AC) Lab:

Refrigeration and Air Conditioning lab caters the equipments and tools required for both degree and certificate module courses. The laboratory has vapour compression test rig, air conditioning test rig, component cut models, sling psychrometer, anemometer, pressure gauges, hygrometer and cold storage. In addition the laboratory is well equipped with tools such as brazing set, plumber tools, copper tubing tools and sheet metal tools.

Lab Incharge   Mr. M. Dabi
Lab Assistant   Mr. V.N. Pandey

Bio-Diesel Lab

The lab is equipped with installation of an integrated biodiesel reactor system of 250 litre capacity for demonstrating purposes. The lab is also equipped with all the fuel properties testing equipments such as Bomb calorimeter, Setavis viscometer, Flash and Fire point, Pour and Cloud point, Gas chromatograph etc. The lab is mainly dedicated for various research and development activities for production and testing of different locally available edibe and non-edible oils for use in internal combustion engines by research scholar and faculties.

Lab Incharge   Prof. P. Lingfa
Lab Assistant   Mr. V. N. Pandey
Lab Helper   Mr. L. B. Ram

Thermal Engineering Lab

It is one of the core laboratories of the Mechanical Engineering Department. It is used to impart the practical knowledge and to understand the underlying principles in the area of thermal science. The lab is well equipped with various equipments like Bomb Calorimeter; Flash and Fire point apparatus; Cloud and Pour point apparatus; Redwood viscometer and Two-shaft gas turbine and Rotary vacuum pump (single and double stage). The other instruments includes Desiccators (Large with cover); Bunsen burners with control tap; Fisher burners with control tap; Hot plate; Spirit lamp; Vacuum taps; Sand bath hopper; Retort Stand; Test tube stand; Funnel holder Single; Maker Burners with control Tap; Tripod stand (heavy duty); Fisher type petrol stand; Burette clamps; Crucible tongs; Beaker tongs; Furnace tongs and Water bath, Copper etc.

Lab Incharge   Prof. Asis Giri
Lab Assistant   Mr. V. N. Pandey

Internal combustion (I.C) engine Lab

The lab equipped with various engine test rig such as 4-stroke four cylinder petrol engine; 4-stroke-four cylinder diesel engine with pony brake; 4-stroke-single cylinder diesel engine test rig with dynamometer; 2-Stroke single cylinder petrol engine test rig with dynamometer; TD 113 2- stroke petrol engine; 4-stroke diesel engine and 4- stroke petrol engine on interchangeable engine test bench. The lab further has with various system/instruments to carry out the experiments. This includes automobile lighting system; Braking system; Steering system; Cut section engine model of two stroke petrol engine; Dead weight pressure gauge; AVL DITEST MDS 450 (Exhaust Gas analyser), Plint RE 204; Orsat gas analyser etc.

Lab Incharge   Dr. M. Dabi
Lab Assistant   Mr. V. N. Pandey

Computer Aided Manufacturing & Automation (CIMA) Lab

This lab caters the UG/PG programme courses related to Computer Aided Manufacturing at different levels (Diploma /Degree /M. Tech. (CIMA)). This lab can impart significant role in assisting research work directly/indirectly. Different configured robots demonstrations are also carried out. Some mechatronics experiments are done through pneumatic power transmission under PLC (Allen-Bradley) /Microprocessors /Microcontrollers control. Major equipments/machines of this lab are CNC Milling/Turning (Fanuc control), Duet Turning /Milling Machine (BoxFord), SCARA/Articulated robot, LSM Controller, (Mechatronics), Pneumatic/Electro-pneumatic Module, Digital/Analog DC motor control, Transducer Trainer, Industrial PC, Microprocessor/Microcontroller Trainer Kit, Digital motor (SM), Digital Oscilloscope, etc.

Lab Incharge   Dr. K.K. Mandal
Lab Assistant   Mr. V. N. Pandey

Fluid Power Control & Automation Lab

Fluid power control & automation lab is equipped with basic equipments such as Bernoulli theorem verification, Meta-centric height, Centre of pressure, Pipe friction analysis, Vortex apparatus, etc. for demonstration of fundamental principles of fluid mechanics. In addition, the lab also equipped with various fluid machines such as Pelton turbine, Francis turbine, Centrifugal pump (series and parallel), Reciprocating pump, Gear pump and Hydraulic ram. Experiments/practical related to fundamental principles and performance of different fluid machines will be carried out. In the area of fluid power control and automation system the lab, equipped Hydraulic and Electro-Hydraulic training system, PLC trainer, PLC Controllers and Pico software etc.

Lab Incharge   Prof. M. Chandrasekaran
Lab Assistant   Mr. V. N. Pandey

Computer Lab

The departmental computer lab has computational facilities to carry out different laboratories/courses works of under graduate/post graduate programmes. The lab has two servers (IBM/HP) with 30 nos of clients (Apple iMac/HP/IBM). Clients of laboratory and Faculty member's terminals are connected through LAN/Wireless network. Various general purpose/specific softwares along with CAD/CAM softwares such as Lingo/Lindo, Fortran 77, Gambit (5 module), AutoCAD 2002 (10 modules), Catia V5, ANSYS Educational Pack V15 (5 module), Creo Parametric 3.0 (50 module), EXSL-Win V9 (10 module, Mfg. soft), etc. has been installed in various PC's etc.

Lab Incharge   Dr. Santosh Tamang
Lab Assistant   Mr. Y. T. Camder