पूर्वोत्तर क्षेत्रीय विज्ञान एवं प्रौद्योगिकी संस्थान   
North Eastern Regional Institute of Science and Technology 
deemed-to-be-university under the Ministry of Education, Govt. of India
Nirjuli - 791109, Arunachal Pradesh 
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Dr. (Mrs.) Mudo Puming

Associate Professor

Environmental engineering, water quality assessment and improvement, solid waste management, landfilling of solid waste, landfill liner systems

Phone:0360-2257401-8 extn. 6248 (Off)
Email: mudopuming@gmail.com

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  • Honors and Awards
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  • Previous Job Experience
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  • Memberships in Professional bodies
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  • Ph.D. Currently Supervising
  • Administrative Experience
  • Books/ Chapter Authored
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From (Date of Joining) To Designation Organisation Nature of Association
26/6/2006  26/6/2011 Assistant Professor  NERIST



26/6/2016 Assistant Professor (Sr) NERIST Regular


26/6/2019 Assistant Professor (SG) NERIST Regular


Continuing till date Associate Professor NERIST Regular



Award Institute Year

Best Conference Paper in Environmental Engineering in the national Conference cgtr

       Civil Engineering, NERIST    2017
Degree Subject University/Institute  Month/Year


Civil Engineering

MSRIT, Bangalore

July, 2004

MTech Environmental Engineering NERIST, Nirjuli

January, 2011

Ph.D. Civil Engineering NERIST, Nirjuli

February, 2021

From To Designation Organisation

Nature of Association

Session January - May 2005 23rd March, 2006 Guest Lecturer NERIST, Nirjuli Temporary
24th March, 2006 25th June, 2006 Junior Engineer

Dept. of PHE &WS, Itanagar,

Govt. Arunachal Pradesh

Name of the Student Title of the dissertation Degree Awarded/ Ongoing

Ms. Ipi Bagra

Naturally available activator material aided windrow composting of vegetable waste


Mr. Sono Taku

Effect of inorganic salt on RHA-B as a liner material


Mr. Tado Gyadi

Biogas Production from the co-digestion of Kitchen Waste and Cow manure


Mr. Pakken Gemin  Boje

Utilization of RH as an landfill liners of MSW landfill site


Ms. Tori Padu

Effect of inorganic salt on FA-B as landfill liners


Mr. Miloko Nobeng

Study of geotechnical properties of BA-S-B mixtures for MSW landfill liners


Ms. Landi Kaku

A study on Municipal Solid Waste of NERIST


Ms. Jide Gumja

A study on the effect of inorganic salts on the strength of landfill liners

Mr. Akoijam Jayenta Singh A Study on the Composting of Phumdi Awarded
Mr. Miding Panggeng

Seasonal Change in Limnological Parameters and Mitigation Planning 

of Gyakar Sinyik, Itanagar


1. Life Member Indian Society for Technical Education

2. Member in The Institution of Engineers (India)

3. Life Member Indian Geotechnical Society

4. Life member Indian Water Resources Society

Title Course Code Module Semester
Water Supply & Sanitary Services CE-2104 Base


Environmental Engineering-I

CE-4104 Diploma First
Rural Water Supply and Sanitation CE-4005 Diploma


Diploma Project CE-4299 Diploma


Environmental Engineering-II CE-6101 Degree


Degree Project CE-6299 Degree


MTech Project ESE-8099 MTech


MTech Seminar ESE-8100 MTech


Geo-Environmental Engineering ESE-7008 MTech


Environmental Impact Assessment ESE-7003 MTech


Rural Water Supply and Sanitation ESE-7002 MTech


Physico-Chemical Treatment Processes  ESE-7101 MTech


Name of the Scholar Status of Ph.D Registration Day/Month/Year

Degree Awarded/Ongoing

Mr. Tongbram Ashiskumar Singh Full time Ist October, 2021


Mr.Jumbom Ruti Full time 5th August, 2023



from to  Organisation
Field Engineering lab In-charge July, 2007 till date


Assistant Deputy In-charge (T&P)  Dec., 2007 Dec., 2010


Treasurer CEAN January, 2008  January 2010 


Departmental consultancy committee member

January, 2008  March 2010 NERIST
Warden Block-G April, 2008 May, 2011


Academic Council Member Session 2017 Session 2019


Member BoS CE dept. Session 2017 Session 2020


Departmental representative to Library committee 

January ,2017  July, 2023 NERIST
Survey lab in-charge January, 2017 January, 2023


Faculty member CATRD September, 2008 till date


Students Counsellor UG students June, 2017 till date


Member ICC  November, 2023 till date


Book Chapter:

Puming Mudo, Prasad R KOptimal Reservoir Operation with Environmental Flows for Ranganadi Hydroelectric Project in Arunachal Pradesh” Book Title: Urban Hydrology, Watershed Management and Socio-Economic Aspects, Water Science and Technology Library, vol.73, pp-209-223, Publisher: Springer. Chapter DOI: 10.1007/978-3-319-40195-9_17.

Sl. No. Course Name Sponsored/conducted by


1 Seeking government funding: Essential Guidelines for Successful Grant Aquisition

IQAC, BRCM College of Engineering & Technology, Haryana.

23rd December, 2023
2 Repair & Rehabilitation of structures of Hydro Power Projects Central Water & Power Research Station, Pune

13th to 14th December, 2023

3 Application of Smart Materials NIT Manipur, Sponsored by AICTE

5th to 9th March, 2022

4 Application of Smart Materials and AI in Water and Wastewater Treatments NIT Manipur, Sponsored by AICTE

17th to 21st January, 2022


Recent Advances in Renewable Energy Technology

NERIST 17th to 18th September, 2021
6 Evolution of reinforced concrete and design philosophy from IS 456-2000 to IRC 112 – 2123  NITTR Kolkata 28th August, 2021

Digital tools for Writing, Authoring and Reviewing Manuscripts 

Electronics & ICT Academies (Endorsed by AICTE & UGC)

12th to 23rd July 2021

8 International workshop on Recent development in the field of Civil Engineering CE dept. ICFAI, University of Tripura

17th to 21st May, 2021


Research Methodology

NIT Manipur, Sponsored by AICTE  27th to 31st January, 2021

Recent Advances in Earthquake and Environmental Engineering 

TEQIP 7th to11th September 2020
11 Disaster management mitigation and responses  TEQIP

10th to14th August 2020

12 Understanding the Dynamics of Intellectual Property Rights NERIST & APSCST

3rd to 4th August, 2020

13 Leadership and Team building in Academia   MHRD

30th Oct. to 3rd Nov., 2020

14 Emerging Trends in Wireless Communication Dept of E&CE, NERIST

26th to 30th November, 2018


Advances in design of Reinforced concrete structures         

Dept of CE, NERIST  26th to 30th August, 2017

Workshop on the role of NPTEL local chapters

IIT Kanpur 29th April 2017

Biological Treatment of Solid Waste 

MHRD 8th to 10th February 2016

4th Indest User Convention

AICTE-INDEST User committee, NERIST 22nd to 23rd August 2015 
19 Induction Training by NITTR Kolkata MHRD 11th to 20th September 2015
20 Stress management TEQIP

4th to 6th November 2013


Optical technique and devices in scientific and  Engineering System application

Dept. of Physics & EE, NERIST 29th Oct. to 1st Nov., 2013

Emerging research issues in speech and natural language  processing                            

Dept. of CSE, NERIST 30th Sept. to 4th Oct., 2013

Ergonomics and safety in product design

Dept. of AE NERIST 14th to18th May, 2013
24 Recent advances in tribology and materials for tribological applications Dept. of ME, NERIST

10th to 14th  April, 2013

25 Advances in computer Integrated Manufacturing and Robotics  Dept. of ME,  NERIST

26th to 30th  June, 2012

26 Workshop on Engineering Optimization  TEQIP

14th to 18th May 2012

27 Personality development  TEQIP 23rd to 27th April 2012

Advances in traffic flow and environmental management 

TEQIP 17th to 21st April 2012

Recent advances in Mechanics and their application in Nano engineering and Technology

Dept. of ME,  NERIST 1st to12th April, 2011
30 Teaching Methodology by NITTR Kolkata MHRD

3rd to 7th January 2011


Renewable Energy Technology: Issues & Prospectus.

Dept. of ME, NERIST 24th to 25th September, 2010

Soft computing in Engineering Applications (AICTE)

Dept. of ME, NERIST

Jan 25th to feb.5th, 2010


Optimization methods for water resources planning and management 

IIT Guwahati, AICTE 15th to 19th June 2009

Behavioural competency development: Psychological Aspects 

ISTE 23rd to 27th March 2009
35 Advances in concrete Technology and RCC design  Dept of CE, NERIST

9th to 13th February, 2009


Recent practices in Transportation planning and traffic engineering (DONER)

Dept of CE, IIT Guwahati

15th to 19th January, 2007


Rainwater harvesting and watershed management for sustainable agriculture


25th to 26th  March, 2006

Journal :

1.  Puming M, Jamini M, and Gramisa S, "Design of Self Operating and Economical Water Filter to Improve the quality of Drinking Water for Domestic Supply" IJETMAS Vol. 4, Issue 6, June 2016, ISSN 2349-4476. Impact Factor: 2.24. 

2.  Puming M, Monowar H, Mido N, and Shivan D, "A Study on the Chemical Properties of Leachate and its Effect on the Geotechnical Properties of Soil" IJETSR Vol. 3, Issue 7, July 2016, ISSN 2394-3386. Impact Factor: 2.120.

3.  Puming M, Monowar H, Geli B, and Mobya N, "A study on soil improvement by using Rice Husk and Bentonite" IJIRSET Vol.5, Issue 7, July 2016, 12938-12944, DOI: 10.15680/IJIRSET.2016.0507156. Impact Factor: 6.209.

4. Puming M, Bharti A, Hussain M, "Characterization of Leachate from Municipal Solid Waste Landfill Site of Itanagar, Arunachal Pradesh" IJAMTES Vol.7, Issue 11 (2017), ISSN No.: 2249-7455, pp. 111-114. Impact Factor: 6.3.

5. Puming M, Bharti A, Hussain M, "A Study On The Municipal Solid Waste Management of Itanagar Capital Complex of Arunachal Pradesh, India" IJTIMES Vol.4, Issue 5 (2017), e-ISSN: 2455-2585, pp. 865-870. Impact factor: 5.22

 6. Gyadi T, Puming M, "Biogas Production from the Co-Digestion of  Kitchen waste and Cow Manure", IJTIMES, Vol.5, Issue 3, e-ISSN: 2455-2585,  March 2019, pp. 938-946.Impact factor: 5.22.

 7. Puming M, Hibu Onya "A study on the use of Marble dust Powder to improve the property of cement concrete" IJRAR Vol.9, July 2022, P-ISSN (Online): 2349-5138.

8. Puming M, Ipi B "Windrow composting of vegetable waste using naturally available activated material" IJPRSE Vol.1, July 2022, ISSN (Online): 2582-7898, SJIF: 5.494.

9. Puming M, Mumsu L"A study on the SWM of Karsingsa Solid Waste dumping Site of Arunachal Pradesh" IJPRSE Vol.1, July 2022, ISSN (Online): 2582-7898, SJIF: 5.494.

10. Puming M, Geli Basar "Management of leaf litter by aerobic composting" IJRAR Vol.9, July 2022, P-ISSN (Online): 2349-5138.

International Conference:

1. Puming Mudo and Prasad R K, “Optimal Reservoir Operation with Environmental Flows for Ranganadi Hydroelectric Project in Arunachal Pradesh” International conference on Environmentally Sustainable Urban Ecosystem (ENSURE 2012), IIT Guwahati, Feb 24 – 26, 2012.

National Conference:

1. Puming M, Bharti A, Hussain M, Presented a research paper on title "Assessment of Municipal Solid Waste Generation in the Itanagar Capital Complex of Arunachal Pradesh" in National conference on CGTR during October 14-15, 2017 at NERIST (A.P).

2. Puming M, Bharti A, Hussain M, "Characterization of Leachate from Municipal Solid Waste Landfill Site of Itanagar, Arunachal Pradesh" in National conference on CGTR during October 14-15, 2017 at NERIST (A.P).

3. Tongram A Singh, Puming M presented a paper in a national conferenceA Review on Effective management of an Invasive Terrestial Weed, Chromolaena Odorata (Siam Weed)” during December 18 – 19, 2023 held at Berhampur University, Odisha.