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North Eastern Regional Institute of Science and Technology 
deemed-to-be-university under the Ministry of Education, Govt. of India
Nirjuli - 791109, Arunachal Pradesh 
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Dr.(Mrs.) Dipika Devi

Associate Professor

Computational Mechanics, Object-Oriented Programming in Finite Element Analysis, Constitutive modeling

E-mail:dd [AT] nerist(dot)ac(dot)in, dipikace(dot)nerist[AT]gmail(dot)com, Phone(EPBX/Office): 0360 - 2257401-8 Extn. 6223

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From(Date of Joining) To Designation Organisation Nature of Association
12/05/1997 08/02/2003 Lecturer Royal Bhutan Institute of Technology  
18/07/2006 4/10/2016 Assistant Professor


05/10/2016 Till Date Associate Professor NERIST Regular
Degree Subject University Year
B.E. Civil Engineering Jorhat Engineering College (Dibrugarh University) 1994
M.E. Soil Mechanics and Foundation Engineering Assam Engineering College ( Guwahati Univwersity) 1998
Ph.D. Object-oriented nonlinear finite element analysis framework for implementing modified cam clay model IIT Guwahati 2013
From To Designation Organisation
21/09/1998 15/06/1999 Head, Civil Engineering Department Royal Bhutan Polytechnic, Dewathang, Bhutan
  1. AMIE from 08/02/2000 (AM085882-2)
  2. CHARTERED ENGINEER from 07/03/2002 (AM085882-2)
Title Course Code Module Semester
1. Engineering Graphics CE3151 Bridge course for 10+2 I
2.Fluid Mechanics-1 CE 3101 Diploma I
3. Engineering Mechanics CE 3102 Diploma I
4. Mechanics of Solids CE 3201 Diploma II
4. Structural Analysis-I CE 4101 Diploma I
5. Diploma Project CE 4009 Diploma II
6. Geotechnical and Transportation Engineering CE 4301 Bridge course for Degree I
7. Structural Analysis-II CE 5101 Degree I
7. Geotechnical Engineered-II CE 5202 Degree II
8. Introductoductory Finite Element Method Ce 5203 Degree II
9. Computation Methods in C.E. CE 6105 Degree I
10. Advance Soil Mechanics and Foundations CE 6006 Degree (Elective) II
11. Degree Project CE 6099 Degree II
12. Applied Geotechnical Engineering GTE 7120 M.Tech. I
13. Geotechnical Exploration, Sampling and Testing GTE 7123   M.Tech. I
14. Numerical Methods in Geotechnical Engineering GTE 7222 M.Tech. II
15. Critical State Soil Mechanics GTE 7021 M.Tech. II
16. Finite Element Analysis      GTE7029   M.Tech II
17. Seminar on Selected Topics (Audit)  GTE 8120 M.Tech II
18. M.Tech. Project GTE 8099 M.Tech. III & IV
Title of Project Names of Students
Interpretation of tests on soil samples and determination of critical state model parameters (DEGREE,2007) Payel Saha
Tekachila Jamir
Supantha Paul
Anindit Majumder
Pranjit Shil
Effect of Lime Admixture on strength of soil (DEGREE,2009) Zubenthung M Patton
Indu Kumari
Tilling Monju
Yagom Gapak
Takhe Haniya
Senge Basar
Geotechnical investigation and analysis of allowable bearing pressure for a site near NERIST playground from settlement analysis. (DIPLOMA,2012) Abhinay Kumar
Tekhewe Therie
Landi Yasa
Tadar Relum
Jerry Lalthakima
Calibration of soil constitutive model parameters. (M.Tech., 2013) Shovan Roy
Application of F.E.M. To solve simple problems in structures by using MATLAB (DEGREE,2013) Hage Tsunami
Michael Lalawmpuia
Nidup Lepcha
Langoljam Dohnson Singh
Effect of gravel percentage on compaction characteristics of soil (DIPLOMA,2014) Pratik Kumar
Mihir Mukharjee
Longpo Cheda
Kalyan Biswas
Ajoy Sarkar
Determination of safe bearing capacity of soil of a given site from shear strength criterion (DIPLOMA, 2015) Sraboni Roy
Arpan Anshu
Ankita Chakraborty
Abhishek Kumar
Kumar Rajnish
Bishwajoty Paul
Computer aided analysis of laterally loaded pile foundation in transmission tower (M.Tech., 2015) Pha Yayek

Effect of gravel percentage on compaction characteristics of soil (DIPLOMA,2016)

Md. Tahir
Ahmed Laskar
Arbin Thakur
Lokesh Kumar Singh
Anant Gautam
Hemant Lakra
Finite Element Analysis of Beams and Frames using MATLAB (Degree,2016) Mohna Mayanglambam
Nabajit Sarkar
Millo Dante
Rajat Kanti Saha
John Tana
Soil improvement by using bambo fibre (M.Tech., 2016) Boken Jempen
Finite element analysis of some bench mark problems in Soil using nonlinear soil constitutive models and MATLAB (M.Tech., 2016) Kamal Kalai
Topic Scholar Name Status of Ph.D Registration Year
A study on Strength Behaviour of Bamboo  Reinforced Soil in Arunachal Pradesh. Dhan Bagang Continuing 2014
Analysis of salient geotechnical problems using finite element methods Taku Muni Continuing 2014
Course Name Sponsored By Date
1. Short term course on “Matrix Computations &  Aplications, organized by Department of Mathematics, IIT Guwahati AICTE Dec, 18-22, 2006
2. Brainstorming Workshop on “Disaster Preparedness and Capacity Building”, Organized by IIT Guwahati. UNICEF 24th Dec, 2007
3. Short term course on “Advances in Concrete and Masonry: Material and Mechanics”, organized by Department of Civil Engineering, IITG. AICTE June, 16-20, 2008
4. STTP on Advances on Concrete Technology and RCC Design, organized by Department of Civil Engineering, NERIST ISTE/AICTE Feb,9-13, 2009
5.  STTP on “Behavioural Competency Development: Psychological Aspect”, organized by Department of Humanities and Social Science, NERIST ISTE/AICTE March, 23-27, 2009
6. Seminar on “Renewable Energy Technology:Issues & Prospects”,  Organized by M.E. Department and E.E Department, NERIST MNRE and DST, Govt. of India, New Delhi Sept, 24-25, 2010
7. Faculty Development Programme on “Advances in Traffic Flow and Environmental Management”, Department of Civil Engineering, NERIST TEQIP April, 17-21, 2012
8. TEQIP sponsored Faculty Development Programme on “Remote Sensing and GIS Applications in Natural Resources Management”, A.E. Department, NERIST. TEQIP May, 14-18, 2012
9. Faculty Development Programme on “Emerging Research Issues in Speech an NLP” by C.S.E. Department, NERIST TEQIP Sept, 30 -Oct 4, 2013
10. Short-term course on “Pedagogical Training for Engineering Teachers” IIT Guwahati March, 21-23, 2014
11. National Workshop on Disaster Management (NWDM-14), organized by Department of Civil Engineering & Centre for Management Studies, NERIST NERIST August, 29-30, 2014
12. Short course on Soil-Structure Interaction: Coumputer Application and Material Models, held at IIT Gandhinagar. TEQIP January, 19-23, 2015
13. Short term programe on 'Induction Training, organized by NERIST. TEQIP September 11-20, 2015

14. Short term Course on Rock Engineering for Infrastructural

Development. conducted by C.E. Department, IIT Guwahati.

TEQIP April, 5-8, 2016
Title Place Date
1. Monitoring Forecasting & Warning System for Landslide Administrative Training Institute, Naharlagun, A.P. 28/11/2007
2. Slope Instability and Remedial Measures for Strategic Highway Construction in Hilly Areas. Seminar on 'Recent Advances: Pavement Materials and Design' C.E. Department, NERIST 24/04/2012

In book: “Modelling and Simulation in Computational Mechanics”, Edited by: Dr. Sashi Kanta Panigrahi, Published by: LAP LAMBERT Academic Publishing (16 July, 2009), ISBN-10: 3838306945 and ISBN-13: 978-3838306940.

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  4. “Roy Shovan, and Devi Dipika”, “Calibration of soil constitutive model parameters”, “Proceedings of  National Conference on Geotechnical and Geoenvironmental Aspects of Wastes and Their Utilization in Infrastructure Projects (GGWUIP-13), February 15-16, 2013”; p:139-144.
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