पूर्वोत्तर क्षेत्रीय विज्ञान एवं प्रौद्योगिकी संस्थान   
North Eastern Regional Institute of Science and Technology 
deemed-to-be-university under the Ministry of Education, Govt. of India
Nirjuli - 791109, Arunachal Pradesh 
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Project Title SPONSOR Name of PI Name of Co-PIs Start Date/
Removal of heavy metals from industrial effluents using organic compound adsorbents  CSIR Dr. M. F. HUSSAIN   Completed 1998 Chemistry
Heterobimetallic transition andNon transition metals complex of 1, I-ditiolate: synthesis and characterization determination of electrical properties.   CSIR Dr. R. L. PRASAD   Completed 1999 Chemistry
Studies on electronic properties of valance compensated perovskite oxides synthesized by chemical route  CSIR Dr. K. D. MANDAL   Completed 1999 Chemistry
Studies on Oxovanadium (IV)Chemistry in Mushroom and macrocyclic coordination environment CSIR Dr. H. S. YADAV   Completed 2001 Chemistry
Quasi -2D materials:Synthesis,Characterization and determination solid state electrical conductance of transition metal complexes of 2(2- Hydroxyphenyl ) ethylidine Dithiocarbomate MHRD Dr. R. L. PRASAD   Completed 2004 Chemistry
Potential and Kinetics of Heavy metals loads and self purification power of Pachin river, Itanagar, Arunachal Pradesh MOEF Dr. M. F. HUSSAIN   Completed 2004 Chemistry
Upgradation of Computer Aided Design and Drafting Lab MHRD Mr. Sunirmal Ray Dr. S.K. Panigrahi Completed 2004 Mechanical
Upgradation of Fluid PowerLab MHRD Dr. M. Chandrasekaran   Completed 2006 Mechanical
Upgradation of Computer Integrated Manufacturing Lab MHRD Dr. S. Mahto   Completed 2006 Mechanical
Development of Robotics and Automation Lab MHRD Dr. Sandeep. Singh Dr. S. Mahto Completed 2007 Mechanical
In-vitro regeneration of some rare and economically important tree species of Arunachal Pradesh MHRD Uma Melkania Dr. A. Arunachalam and Dr. Karuna Shrivastava  2000 Forestry
Tissue-culture studies on selected Piper species NERIST In-House mini project  Dr. Karuna Shrivastava   2003 Forestry
Documentation and improvement of traditional fermented food technologies of Arunachal Pradesh and to inventorize their microbial diversity DBT   Mr. Brijesh Srivastava Dr. Karuna Shrivastava 2004 Agricultural Engineering and Forestry
Example-based English-to-Manipuri Machine translation system MHRD Dr. N. Marchang   14.01.2004 Computer Science and Engineering
Human Engineering and safety in Agriculture ICAR Dr. K.N. Dewangan Dr. T. Patel 20.07.2004 Agricultural Engineering
Molecular characterization of fungal diversity associated with Aquilaria agallocha, a medicinally important tree species MHRD Dr. Karuna Shrivastava   Dr. A. Arunachalam and Dr. K. Arunachalam 2005 Forestry
Studies on NTFPs of Arunachal Pradesh: Documentation and commercial
potential of high value medicinal plants, thatches and brooms 
DST Dr. P.Rethy  Dr. M.B. Sharma  2006 Forestry
Business Incubation Centre MOMSME M. Murlidhar   August 2008 Mechanical
Tissue culture of Aquilaria agallocha, a medicinally important tree species and their field trial adopting biotechnological approach AICTE Dr. Karuna Shrivastava   Dr. S. S. Singh 2009 Forestry
Expansion of Infrastructure in Plant - Microbe Interaction and Biotechnology Laboratory of Forestry Department, NERIST AICTE DR. M. L. Khan Dr. Karuna Shrivastava 2009 Forestry
Mobile Ad hoc Network as a Rural Community Network AICTE Dr. N. Marchang Dr. T. Tuithung 31.03.2009 Computer Science and Engineering
Installation, Development, Production and Testing of 250 Litre Capacity Integrated Bio-Diesel Reactor System DST Dr. P. Lingfa   2010 Mechanical
Impact of Climate Change on Snowmelt Runoff Contribution to Eastern Himalayan Nuranang River DST Dr. Aditi Bhadra Dr. Arnab Bandyopadhyay 20.09.2010 Agricultural Engineering
Exploration of Microbial Diversity and microbial role in Arsenic mobilization in As-contaminated groundwater of North-Eastern states (Arunachal Pradesh and Assam DBT Dr. Karuna Shrivastava   Dr. S. S. Singh and Dr. M. L. Khan 2011 Forestry
Development of Laboratory Facility for Bio-Diesel Production Centre DST Dr. P. Lingfa   2012 Mechanical
Vulnerability of North-East India to Climate Change for Hydrological Extremes of Floods and Droughts MoWR Dr. Arnab Bandyopadhyay Dr. Aditi Bhadra 01.04.2012 Agricultural Engineering
Evaluation of Taxus wallichiana from North Eastern and North Western Indian
 Himalayas for selection of Elite clones for Artificial Propagation 
DBT Dr. C.L. Sharma Dr. M.B. Sharma  2012 Forestry
Studies on Mn-peroxidase from plant sources DST Dr. M. YADAV   2013 Chemistry
Studies on contribution of agroforestry systems in wildlife and
biodiversity conservation in Northeast India
CSIR Dr. M. B. Sharma Dr. A. Kumar 11.04.2013 Forestry
Development of Hydrological Module for Snowmelt Runoff in the Himalayan Region SAC-ISRO, Ahmedabad Dr. Aditi Bhadra Dr. Arnab Bandyopadhyay 03.01.2014 Agricultural Engineering
Metallo-isoporphyrin: A biomimetic catalyst and a promising photosensitizer in photodynamic therapy DST Dr. J. BHUYAN   2015 Chemistry
Mobile Broadband Service Support over Cognitive Radio Networks ITRA (MeiTy) Dr. N. Marchang Mr. A. Taggu 23.07.2015 Computer Science and Engineering
Measurement to Management: Improved Water Use Efficiency and Agricultural Productivity through Experimental Sensor Network ITRA (MeiTy) Dr. Arnab Bandyopadhyay Dr. Aditi Bhadra 23.07.2015 Agricultural Engineering
Visweswaraya Ph.D. Scheme MeitY Dr. Md. Anwar Hussain   2015 Electronics and Communication Engineering
Study of Performance and Emission Characteristics of a single cylinder Direct Injection Diesel Engine Run by Biodiesel obtained from available seeds TEQIP Dr. P. Lingfa   2017 Mechanical
Collection, evaluation documntation and conservation of banana genetic resources frok north eastern region DBT Dr. Karuna Shrivastava Dr. S. Sureshkumar Singh 22.03.2018 Forestry
Diversity Assessment, Germplasm Conservation and Database Develop,ment on Banana Resources of North Eastern Inida DBT Dr. Suresh Kumar Singh Dr. Karuna Shrivastava & Dr P.R. Gajurel 22.03.2018 Forestry
Consortium for Managing Inidan Banaran resources DBT Dr. Suresh Kumar Singh Dr P.R. Gajurel 22.03.2018 Forestry
Screening of Banana germplasm for the NE from Fusaarium wilt resistance and milecular characterization in contrasting genotypes DBT Dr. Suresh Kumar Singh Dr. Karuna Shrivastava 22.03.2018 Forestry
Bioresurce and Sustainable livelihoods in North East India DBT Dr. P.R. Gajurel Dr. B. Singh 29.03.2018 Forestry
Documentation of Indigenous knowledge system of selected major tribes of Arunachal Pradesh and the relvance of Intellectual poperty right to IKS MOEF-GB Pant Dr. G. Pangging Prof. C.L. Sharma and Prof. M.B. Sharma 22.02.2018 Forestry
Exploring Wildlife and Nature Based Tourism as a Potential Livelihood Option for Local People inhabiting in and around the Protected Areas in Eastern Himalayas, Arunachal: A Sustainable approach for biodiversity conservationPradesh MOEF-GB Pant Dr. Awadhesh Kumar     Forestry
Large Cardamom and Other Multilayer Innovative Farming in Mengio Circle of Arunachal Pradesh and Its Impact on Sustainable Rural Livelihood MOEF-GB Pant Dr. Shibabhara Chouhury Dr. A. Parida, Dr. S. Chatterjee 2018 Centre for Management Studies, Electrical Engineering
Micropropagation of Litsea cubeba (Lour) Pers: an indigenous plant of North-East, Inida for genetic conservation IERP-GBPNIHESD Dr. Madhu Kamle Dr. Pradeep Kumar 28.03.2018 Forestry
Promotion of promising horticultual crops in degraded ecosystem and abandoned jhum lands in Arunachal Himalaya for improvement of livelihood NMHS-GBPNIHESD Dr. B. Singh P. R. Gajurel 28.03.2018 Forestry
"Spatially disributed erosion estimation and hydrological modelling on a glaciated and ungauged river basin of Arunachal Pradesh using geo-informatics" SERB (DST) Dr. Aditi Bhadra Dr. Arnab Bandyopadhyay 28.05.2018 Agricultural Engineering
Capacity building of rural tribal women in management and marketing of wild edible plants in Arunachal Pradesh for livelihood improvement" DST Dr. B. Singh Dr. P R Gajurel 01.10.2018 Forestry
Status survey and potential threats of threatened Mishmi Takin (Budorcas taxicolor) and its conservation through sensitization of local communities in Eastern Arunachal Pradesh, India IERP-GBPNIHESD Dr. Awadhesh Kumar     Forestry
Exploring the Bacillus thuringiensis genetic diversity with anti-coleopteran, anti-lepidopteron specific Cry genes to combat agriculturally important insect pest from North-East (Arunachal Pradesh) India SERB (DST) Dr. Pradeep Kumar   16.07.2018 Forestry
Diversity, population status and extraction Intensity of Rhododendron spp. and genetic diversity of Rhododendron arboreum in Eastern Himalayas and Western Ghats DBT Dr. Ashish Paul Dr. O.P. Tripathi and Dr. L.B. Singha 07.09.2018 Forestry
Public Interest Event Monitoring in Sparsely-populated Mountainous Regions using Mobile Crowd-Sensing SERB (DST) Dr. N. Marchang   04.09.2018 Computer Science and Engineering
Taxonomic Revision and Phylogency of the genus Piper I (Piperaceae) in India with its Biogeography SERB (DST) Dr. P.R. Gajurel Prof. B. Singh 24.12.2018 Forestry
Screening of Phytochemical and Bioactive compounds against human pathogenic baacteria from some selected indigenous medicinal plants of arunachal Pradesh DBT Dr. Pradeep Kumar Dr. Madhu Kamle 11.01.2019 Forestry
Comprehensive metabolic profiling and pharmacologial studies of piper species: a natural bio- emhancer in pharmaceuticals" DBT Dr. P.R. Gajurel Prof. B. Singh and Dr. S. S. Singh 05.02.2019 Forestry
A Prototype of Auto-navigating E-Card using Multispectral Imaging" MeiTY Dr. Rajesh Kumar Dr. S. S. Singh   Electronics and Communication Engineering
Assessment of natural spring reliability for rural water security in the lesser Himalayan region - Arunachal Pradesh NMHS-GBPNIHESD Dr. Pankay Pandey     Agricultural Engineering
Characterizing pattern and process of alpine ecosystem in Indian Himalaya with special emphasis to Arunachal Pradesh (PRACRITI II) SAC-ISRO, Ahmedabad Dr. O.P. Tripathi Dr. Ashish Paul and Dr. Madhusudan Mishra 20.02.2019 Forestry
Effect of Climate Changes on Working Capacity and livelihood Sustainability for Agricutural Worker of Arunachal Pradesh DST Dr. T. Patel Dr. P. K. Pranav 25.03.2019 Agricultural Engineering
Impacts of climate change on bio resources and livelihoods of local people of Arunachal Pradesh DST Dr. Ashish Paul Dr. O.P. Tripathi and Dr. L.B. Singha 07.03.2019 Forestry
Evaluation of Coconut Oil for Application in High Voltage Tranformer Cocunut Development Board Dr. Anu Kumar Das   Mar-19 Electrical Engineering
Network Analytics for user performance management, using machine learning and data analytics AICTE Shri Amar Taggu   14.03.2019 Computer Science and Engineering
Devlopement of Machining Facilities using MQL for machining hard materials  AICTE Dr. M. Chandrasekharan   04.04.2019 Mechanical Engineering
Ergonomic Design and Performance Evaluation of Self Propelled Multipurpose Weeder Suitable to Northeast Hilly Agriclture AICTE Dr. T. Patel   14.03.2019 Agricultural Engineering
Assessment of Varibility in Glasier melt and Sow melt Runoff under Projected Climatic Scenarios for Datea Scaree Himalayan River Basins DST Dr. Aditi Bhadra Dr. Arnab Bandyopadhyay 28.05.2019 Agricultural Engineering
Perfomance analysis of distribution transformer filled with coconut oil AICTE Dr. Anu Kumar Das   Jun-19 Electrical Engineering
Exploration and conservation of high value wild edible macrofungi (WEM) from higher altitudes of Arunachal Pradesh and biotechnological evaluation of their nutracenticals/novel metabolites DBT Dr. Karuna Shrivastava Dr. S. Sureshkumar Singh 01.10.2019 Forestry
An assessment of health care waste management practices in health care units of Arunachal Pradesh ICSSR Dr. Bijoylaxmi Sarmah Dr. K.N. Dewangan 19.10.2019 Centre for Management Studies
Investigation on Aging Stability of Jatropha Curcas based Insulating Oil Subjectd to Thermo-Electric Stress DST Dr. Anu Kumar Das   Dec-19 Electrical Engineering
Density functional theory (DFT) investiation of metalloisoporphyrins as near infra-red dyes and photosensitizers for photodynamic therapy and iron (III) isoporphyrins as alternative to iron (IV)-orx prophyrin ……. SERB (DST) Dr. Jagannath Bhuyan   05.02.2020 Chemistry
Development of Employment genertion feasibility in Ziro of Arunachal Pradesh through cottage industry for making biodegradable disposable serving dish utilizing locally available non-poispnous leaves and Renewable energy DST Dr. Adiknda Parida     Electrical Engineering
Special Scheme for North East States (NER) AICTE Dr. S. Gao Mr. T. V. P. Singh 18.03.2020 Electrical Engineering
Crosstalk of human hydrogen sulfide producing enzymes and copper relevant in pathophysiology DBT Dr. Pramod Kumar Yadav   16.03.2020 Chemistry
Impact of Climate Change on Water Resources of Arunachal Pradesh DST Dr. H.S. Yadav Dr. K.N. Dewangan, Dr. R.K. Prasad, Dr. A. Bandyopadhayay, Dr. P.K. Pandey, Dr. Meera Yadav, Dr. Ashish Paul 28.12.2020 Agricultural Engineering, Civil Engineering, Chemistry, Forestry
Use of non-toxic nanoformulation for prolonging shelf life and reduction of post-harvest loss of mandarin orange (Citrus reticulata) of North East India DBT Dr. Madhu Kamle Dr. Pradeep Kumar 09.02.2021 Forestry
Development of solar operated paddy thresher for sustainable livelihood of Agricultural workers in North-eastern India NECTAR Dr. T. Patel   18.02.2021 Agricultural Engineering
Mass Propagation, packaging and marketing of wild ornamental banana from North Eastern India DBT Dr. S. Sureshkumar Singh Dr. Karuna Shrivastava, Dr. P.R. Gajurel & Dr. Bijoylaxmi Sarmah 20.10.2021 Forestry
SKILL VIGYAN Programme in Life Sciences & Biotechnology in Arunachal Pradesh DBT & APSCS&T Dr. S. Sureshkumar Singh Dr. Binay Singh & Dr. P.R. Gajurel 20.10.2021 Forestry
Study and Development of Epoxy-Based Bamboo Composites for shipping containers using Indigenous Bamboo species of Arunachal Pradesh using Artificial Intelligence (Graph Neural Networks) AICTE Dr. Santoh Tamang Dr. Kunal Borah 29/03/2022 Mechanical Engineering and Physics

Exploration of native legumes and characterization of associated nitrogen

fixing microsymbiots in North-Eastern India for development of biofertilizers

DBT Dr. P.R. Gajurel Dr. Suresh Kumar Singh 09/03/2022 Forestry