पूर्वोत्तर क्षेत्रीय विज्ञान एवं प्रौद्योगिकी संस्थान   
North Eastern Regional Institute of Science and Technology 
deemed-to-be-university under the Ministry of Education, Govt. of India
Nirjuli - 791109, Arunachal Pradesh 
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Dr. Pankaj Kumar Pandey

Associate Professor

Agricultural Irrigation Management,Stochastic Hydrology, Watershed Management, Climate Change

E-mail: pkp[AT]nerist(dot)ac(dot)in, Phone (EPBX/Office): 0360-2257401-8 Extn 6264

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  • Sponsored Research Projects
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  • Publications
From(Date of Joining) To Designation Organisation Nature of Association
17.07.2006            TILL DATE Asst. Professor NERIST Regular
Degree Subject University Year
M.E. Irrigation Water Management MPUAT,Udaipur 2002
B.Tech (Ag.) Agricultural Engg Allahabad University 1997
Topic Funding Agency Year
On-going: Assessment of carbon stock and carbon sequestration potential of major landuse sectors in Arunachal Pradesh. DST, New Delhi, Rs.84.624, 2015-18
Biomass and carbon assessment in India- Phase II. NRSC, ISRO
Rs. 14.00 Lakhs
HIMADRI In Arunachal Pradesh (PRACRITI II); SAC-ISRO Ahmedabad;    
Rs. 23.01 Lakhs;
AICRP on Sacred Grove Ecosystem Services Assessment in Arunachal Pradesh. MoEF, New Delhi;
Rs. 34.288 Lakhs;
Completed: Impact analysis of spatio-temporal changes in land use/cover and plant diversity of Itanagar, Arunachal Pradesh CSIR, New Delhi
Rs. 11.00 Lakhs
  1. Life Member, Soil Conservation Society of India New Delhi
  2. Life Member, ISTE, New Delhi
  3. Life Member, Indian Geological Cohgress
Title Course Code Module Semester
Soil Mechanics/ Mechanics of Granular Material AE- 4103/4301  Diploma  
Wasteland Development AE-4007 Diploma  
Water Well and Pump Engineering A E-5102 Degree  
Fluid Mechanics/Comprehensive fluid Mechanics AE-3203/ AE-4401 Diploma  
Irrigation Drainage Engineering I AE-4203  Diploma  
Agricultural Meteorology & Climate Change AE-5104 Degree  
Irrigation Drainage Engg II AE-6201 Degree  
Irrigation System Design AE-7133 PG  
Ground Water Hydrology AE-7039 PG  
Title of Project (M.Tech) Names of Students
Estimation of reference evapotranspiration using data driven techniques Ms. Topi Nyori(2013)
Hybrid SARIMA-GARCH Modelling of monthly rainfall time series Mr. Hemendra Tripura(2014)
Copula based analysis for Interdependence between Rainfall and Temperature Mr. Lakhyajit Das (2015)
Title of Project (B.Tech) Names of Students
Performance evaluation of selected temperature based reference evapotranspiration models under climatic conditions of Umaim Mr. Hibu Cheley (2007)
Mr. Radheshyam Keisen (2007)
Determination of Physical properties, water transmission and retention characteristics of soil of paddy field in vicinity of Nirjuli Mr.Ashish (2008)
Mr.Nikhil Kumar (2008)
Modelling of wetting pattern under trickle source application in sandy soil of Nirjuli Mr. K. Padameswer Singh(2009)
Mr.Sanjay Singh(2009)
Determination of Discharge coefficient and head discharge relationship of different hydraulic structure Mr.T.Kumar(2010)
Mr. Sourav Chakraborty(2010)
Models to estimate soil moisture retention limits and saturated hydraulic conductivity Performance evaluation of temperature based Penman-Montieth (TPM) model under the climatic conditions of Umaim Mr. Ashish(2010)
Mr. Igol Riba(2010)
Mr. Mai Aram(2011)
Mr. Lenin Tayang(2011)
Trend in Sunshine duration in humid climatic conditions of North East India Mr. Subu Laji (2012)
Mr.Tage Tapang(2012)
Economic evaluation and overall assessment of water harvesting ponds using score card system Mr. Pinak Pani Dutta(2013)
Estimation of mean solar radiation from air temperature without routinely observed meteorological data Mr. Shankar Bagan (2013)
Mr.P.Pawe (2013)
Determination of erodibility under different land use in vicinity of Nirjuli Mr. A. Choudhury(2014)
MS. M. Berman(2014)
Evaluation of pan coefficient equations for estimating reference ET under climatic condition of Jorhat(Assam) Mr.N.Singh (2015)
Mr.K.Tiwari (2015)
Mr.K.P.Narayanan (2015)
Course Name Sponsored By Date
Advances in Traffic Flow and Environmental Management
TEQUIP 17-21 April, 2012
Faculty awareness camp on entrepreneurship
 Teaching methodology
NITTTR, Kolkata
26-28, Nov. 2009
3-7, Jan, 2011
Hydro informatics for Surface and Subsurface Water Resources at IIT,Guwahati AICTE 9-13, June,2008
Recent Advances in Mechanics and their application in Nano Engineering &Technology AICTE 1-12, Aug., 2011
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