पूर्वोत्तर क्षेत्रीय विज्ञान एवं प्रौद्योगिकी संस्थान   
North Eastern Regional Institute of Science and Technology 
deemed-to-be-university under the Ministry of Education, Govt. of India
Nirjuli - 791109, Arunachal Pradesh 
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Dr. Prabhanjan Kumar Pranav

Assistant Professor (On lien)

Tractor: Drawbar performance, traction, stability, Three point linkages, etc ,Farm Machinery: Design, Development and performance evolution, Renewable energy resources: Gasification and biodiesel production, Instrumentation: Application of microprocessor and sensors in tractor and other machinery, Ergonomics: Ergonomics and safety in agriculture and its allied industry

E-mail:pkjha78[AT]gmail(dot)com, pkpv[AT]nerist(dot)ac(dot)in, Phone:0360 2257401-08 ext-6227

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From(Date of Joining) To Designation Organisation Nature of Association
18/07/2006           Till Date Assistant Professor NERIST Regular
20th Jan, 2004 14th July 2006 Junior Project Officer SRIC, IIT Kharagpur  
Award Institute Year
Jawaharlal Nehru Award on Outstanding Doctoral Thesis Research 2012, Indian Council of Agricultural Research, New Delhi 2013
Degree Subject University Year
Ph. D Slip sensing and control system for two wheel drive tractors IIT Kharagpur  2011
M.Tech. Farm Machinery and Power    IIT Kharagpur 2003
B.Tech             Agricultural Engineering R. A. U. Pusa (Samastipur)    2001
From To Designation Organisation
Nov 2013 Dec 2014 T&P In-Charge NERIST
Mar 2007 Mar 2012 Warden - Hostel Block ‘B’ NERIST
Sept 2011 Nov 2013 Deputy in-charge T&P NERIST
In-charge-Departmental library, Farm Machinery Laboratory, T&P counselor, Farm Power laboratory
Member-Central library advisory committee
Faculty advisor-SHRISTI’08, SHRISTI’09, SHRISTI’10, SHRISTI’11, SHRISTI’12
Oct 2009 Apr 2011 Secretary-Faculty and officers’ club NERIST
July 2008 Till Date Secretary-NERIST Employee Co-operative Thrift & Credit Society Ltd. NERIST
Topic Funding Agency Year
Development of Automatic Front and Rear Axle Weight Distribution System for 2WD Tractor ICAR 2016-2018
Software Development (Constancy project) M&M ltd. 2016-2017
Design and development of automatic safety device for longitudinal overturn of tractor during transport work DST 2013-2016
AICRP on Ergonomics and Safety in Agriculture ICAR 2011-2017
Technology interface unit to explore the possibilities for livelihood KVIC 2006-2008
Modernization of Farm machinery and Power laboratory AICTE 2009-2010
  1. Life Member- Indian Society of Agricultural Engineers [LM-10184];
  2. Life Member- Indian Society for Technical Education [LM-51038];
  3. Life Member- The Indian Science Congress Association [L14143];
  4. Life Member- Solar Energy Society of India [LM/1461/2010];
  5. Life Member- Indian Society of Ergonomics [L407]
  6. Associate member- The Institution of Engineers (India) [AM095399-5]
Title Course Code Module Semester
UG: Farm machinery-Iⅈ Farm Power-I; Engineering mechanics; Engineering Thermodynamics; Tractor Engine system; Tractor transmission system; Renewable sources of energy; Tractor centre management; Instrumentation and computer application in Agriculture      
PG: Tractor system design; Tractor-implement system performance; Principle of Ergonomics; Instrumentation and research techniques; Soil dynamics in tillage and traction
Title of Project Names of Students Year Module
Development of database and mathematical models for engine performance parameters using biodiesel. Keissam Padameshore Singh 2011 M.Tech
Performance of downdraft gasifier using bamboo, khokan and kadam biomass feed stock. Mr. Yaramala Koteswara Rao 2012 M.Tech
Managerial Intervention for Agricultural Mechanization in Lakhimpur Districts of Assam   2012 MBA
Effect of variable hitch height in haulage operation of two wheel tractor. Mr. Tage Tapang 2014 M.Tech
Energy potential of tea waste in Assam and its gasification using downdraft gasifier. Mr. Sonu Kumar 2015 M.Tech
Computer simulation of three point hitch for dift tractor model. Dipjoy Sarkar,Partha lodh 2008 Deg.
Development of software for the evaluation of haulage performance of power tiller. Arunjyoti Sonwal, Manish ku. Rathaor 2009 Deg.
Optimization of lower link of tractor by using stress analysis technique. Nikhil Kumar, Shyam Tanu Choudhury 2010 Deg.
Development of computer programme to design downdraft gasifier. Mr. Pamcheiba Maitei, Mr. Hemendra Tripura 2012 Deg.
Optimization of load carrying of female workers in sherpa mode. Spondon Chelleng, Lakhyajit Das 2013 Deg.
Determination of field efficiency using global positioning system. Vikhotso Pucho, Samewon Parijat 2014 Deg
Determination of maximum aerobic capacity of male farm workers of Arunachal Pradesh. Sapunii Sebastian, Vanlairemruatpuii 2015 Deg.
Programme for cost estimation of different farm machineries Ms. Yesin Phukon, Ms. Baisakhi Saha 2007 Diploma
Comparison of operating cost of power tiller and tractor. P Meitei,Nani Tade 2009 Diploma
Computer simulation for the effect of itch point of haulage performance of two wheel tractor Anubhab Pal, S.K Dev 2009 Diploma
Evaluation of haulage performance of power tiller. Subu Lazi,Tage Tapang 2010 Diploma
Installation of hydraulic dynamometer for PTO testing. A.B Jamir Lakhyajit Das 2011 Diploma
Loss of virtual hitch point with respect to depth of operation of tractor. Bitu Hazorika, Abinash Kumar 2012 Diploma
Design of cyclone separator to reduce air-borne dust for rice mill. Sanjana Devbarma, Kabyashree Choudhury 2013 Diploma
Energy potential of industrial tea waste. Limwapang Imchen, Ms. Pema  Lhamee  Bhutia 2013 Diploma
Comparative study of gasification potential of four local available feed stocks in downdraft gasifier. Sanju Thoksom, Sarika Kumari 2015 Diploma
Topic Scholar Name Status of PHD Registration Year
Effect of dust on workers’ health and its minimisation in rice mill Mr. Mrinmoy Biswas Full time (Continuing) 2013-2014
Design and development of automatic variable hitch height for 2WD tractors Mr. Tage Tapang Part time (Continuing) 2014-2015
Development of Automatic Front and Rear Axle Weight Distribution System for 2wd Tractor Mr. Sonu Kumar Full time (Continuing) 2015-2016
Design and development of self-propelled bund slicer for paddy field Mr. Ritesh Ranjan Full time (Continuing) 2015-2016
Course Name Sponsored By Date
Recent advance in mechanics and their application in nano-engineering and technology    
Livelihood generation in the rural sector through transfer of appropriate technology
Workshop on Agricultural Mechanization Technologies for Hill Agriculture
Composite materials: manufacturing, mechanics and application
Faculty awareness camp on entrepreneurship
Behavioural Competency Development
Teaching methodology
Workshop on Engineering optimization
Innovative food processing technologies for food security
Personality development during
Ergonomics in Product Design: With special reference to agricultural tool & equipment design
Prospects of cloud computing in education, 2014
Pedagogy training for Engineering Teachers, 2014
Computer Aided Design & Drafting Excellence, 2014
Recent advances in microprocessor, microcontroller and their application
Conference Name Sponsored By Date
FDP on “Ergonomics and Safety in Product Design” TEQIP, NERIST 14-18 May, 2013
National Conference on “Emerging Technology Trends in Agricultural Engineering” TEQIP, NERIST 7-9 Nov, 2014
Title Place Date
Tractor performance and its scopes for improvement Mahindra and Mahindra Limited, Chennai 12th June 2015
Tractor performance and its measurement techniques. Vignan University, Guntur 17th January 2016
  1. Emerging Technology trends in agricultural Engineering (Edited book) Excel India Publisher, New Delhi, 2014.

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