पूर्वोत्तर क्षेत्रीय विज्ञान एवं प्रौद्योगिकी संस्थान   
North Eastern Regional Institute of Science and Technology 
deemed-to-be-university under the Ministry of Education, Govt. of India
Nirjuli - 791109, Arunachal Pradesh 
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MS. Vanita Pandey

Assistant Professor

Irrigation Water Management Natural Resource Management Watershed Managementvp


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From(Date of Joining) To Designation Organisation Nature of Association
08/11/2016      Continuing Assistant Professor NERIST Regular
03/09/2007 05/11/2016 Assistant Professor CAEPHT, CAU  
Award Institute Year
Degree Subject University Year
M Tech Irrigation water Management MPUAT, Udaipur 2002
B Tech Agricultural Engineering Agricultural Engg. 2000
From To Designation Organisation
Title Course Code Module Semester
Applied Mechanics (EE/AE) ES-3101 Bridge I
Command Area Development AE-6001 Degree I
Irrigation and Drainage Engineering - II AE-6201 Degree II
Fluid Mechanics AE-22201 Degree IInd yr IInd sem
Agricultural Drainage AE-13105    
Drainage Engineering AE-23102 Degree IIIrd Yr, Ist sem
Food Process Technology AE-6102 Degree  
Water resources Planning and Management AE-7038 PG Ist Yr
Pumping System SWC-7005 PG Ist Yr
Ground water Hydrology SWC- 7039 PG Ist Yr
Design of Agricultural Drainage System SWC-7202 PG Ist Yr
Open Channel Hydraulics  SWC-7103 PG Ist Yr
Title of Project Names of Students Year

Wind Term based calibration of Hargreaves equation under the climatic condition of Imphal, Manipur

Rukna Sikom 

Aditi Kumari Gupta


Radiation based calibration of Hargreaves equation under the climatic condition of Dibrugarh, Assam


Mr. DaniesHaokip      


Analysis of water quality parameters of Rani-Khola and Busuk-Khola Rivers Mr. R. Lalchhandami 2010
Assessing the performance of selected temperature based models under climatic conditions of East Sikkim Ruatkimi Varte 2011
Trend analysis of Evapotranspiration in East Sikkim Sonu Kumar 2011
Calibration and performance verification of  Hargreaves-Samani Equation for East Sikkim A.Priya Mahanta Sharma 2012
Evaluation of temperature based solar radiation models for east Sikkim Ms. M.Lalnunkimi 2012
Regional Temporal trend analysis of rainfall across the climatic conditions of India Mr. T.B.Singh 2013
Trend Analysis Of Mean Monthly Regional Rainfall Of India Mr Paul Jamoh 2013
Time Series Analysis Of Mean Temperature For East Siang District Of Arunachal Pradesh Mr. Nangil 2014
Performance Evaluation of Reference evapotranspiration methods for Jorhat District of Assam Mr Pintu Kr Gupta 2015
Evaluation of Reference evapotranspiration methods for Jorhat District of Assam Mr Lalruatkima 2015
Evaluation and Calibration of Relative sunshine duration based model for estimation of global solar radiation

Roni Dui & Liki Ete

Impact of irrigation  quality on infiltration rate in loamy-sand soil.

Bishwanath Singh, Nyigam Bole

Kayinto Lego


Modeling of infiltration characteristics of wasterlands at NIRJULI

Chibi Lombi, Sylvia Kharkongor,

Vihuto Swu

Estimating sunshine hours and reference evapotranspiration under limited data condition for Jorhat Assam

Upananada Barman & S Rokhu

Probability Analysis of Rainfall For Crop Planning Ms. Hibu Nopi 
Ms.Sum Tateh 
Ms. Hangwama Limboo 
Effect Of Local Calibration On The Performance Of The Hargreaves  Equation

Krishnamoni Konwar , Rupali Taye 

Lipli Phukan 


Evaluation of Valiantzas’ Evapotranspiration Equations for selected stations of Nagaland

Yoshim Kaping  &  Neiketoukho Gwirie

Influence of removing linear and nonlinear trends from climatic variables on temporal variations of annual reference evapotranspiration in east District of Sikkim

Indira Taloh


Copula based probabilistic modeling of reference evapotranspiration at Gangtok, Sikkim

Lalhriatpuii Khiangte


Drought Analysis Using The Copula Method

H.P. Lalrammawii

Evaluation of FAO Reduced Data Set Methodologies For Estimation Of Reference Evapotranspiration In The North-Eastern Region Of India

Sylvia Nongthombam

Ground Water Drought Assessment For Tripura, North East India                   Eva PC Lalnunmawii                   2020

Prediction of soil temperature using data driven techniques at Jorhat, Assam


Time series analysis of groundwater levels and projection of future trens over Assam Visakhonuo Kuotsu 2021
District wise trend and change point analysis of rainfall time series over Arunachal Pradesh Gebi Ete 2021
Hybrid Timeseries modeling and forecasting of stage in Imphal river Maibam Jamenjoy Meitei 2021
Drought analysis over different districts of Arunachal Pradesh Geying Mize 2021
Evaluation and Calibration of Valiantzas's Reference Evapotranspiration equations Teli Penka 2021
Evaluating The Effect Of Short Term And Long-Term Persistence On Trend In Rainfall Time Series Of Mizoram

Mr. Bivek Chakma

Ensemble Forecasting Of Standardized Precipitation Index Time Series For Drought Identification In Manipur

Chanamthabam Jeenson


Surface Water Dynamic Analysis Based On Sentinel-2 Imagery And Google Earth Engine Over Selected Districts Of Manipur

Naorem Nirmala Devi

An Analysis of Long-term Rainfall Trend and Variability in Arunachal Pradesh

Tailyang Rema

Trend analysis of precipitation based climate change indices in Arunachal Pradesh Jeming Gollo 2023
Flood mapping and damage assessment using Sentinal data and Google Earth engine platform over selected districts of Assam  Tomin Raksap 2023
Comparision of Meteorological drought indices for Nagaland Kakek Dulom 2023
Drought Vulnerability Assessment for Nagaland Vimeno Vitsu 2023
Course Name Sponsored By Date
Leadership and People Management Organized by NITTTR, Kolkata 9 Cot - 13 Oct, 2023
Capacity building ATAL FDP, Organized by NERIST 30 Jan -10 Feb, 2023
Google Earth Engine With Python For Climate Smart Agriculture”

Three-Week Online Certificate Course organized by a National Agricultural Higher Education Project of the Indian Council of Agricultural Research, New Delhi, Centre for Advanced Agricultural Science and Technology (CAAST) for Climate Smart Agriculture and Water Management (CSAWM), Mahatma Phule Krishi Vidyapeeth, Rahuri (Maharashtra) 


7 Jun - 27 Jun, 2021
30-hours Online Faculty Development Program titled “Data Science for ALL  jointly organized by Electronics and ICT Academies at NIT Warangal, IIITDM Jabalpur, IIT Kanpur, NIT Patna, IIT Guwahati, MNIT Jaipur and IIT Roorkee  12 Apr - 23 Apr, 2021
Recent Trends and Applications of GIS & Remote Sensing using AI

ATAL FDP organized by Potti Sriramulu Chalavadi Mallikarjuna Rao College of Engineering & Technology.

13 Sept -  17 Sept, 2021
Modelling of
Water Resources Systems
ATAL) Academy Online Elementary FDP on "" from at Central University of Jharkhand. 01/11/2021 to 05/11/2021
Recent Trends in Geospatial Data Modelling Applications and Policies

ATAL Online Elementary FDP  organized by Birla Institute of Technology.

16 Aug - 20 Aug, 2021 
Sustainability Engineering ATAL Online FDP , Organized by Gaya College of Engineering, Gaya.  17 Aug - 21 Aug, 2020
Induction Phase -1 Training program Organized by NITTTR, Bhopal

24 Aug - 4 Sept, 2020.

Internet of Things (IoT)

FDP organized by Indian Institute of Information Technology Kota.

12 Oct  -  16 Oct, 2020
Hydro informatics on smart water management in Agriculture

national webinar  Organized by CAE, RPCAU, PUSA; NIH Roorkee, Department of WRDM IIT Roorkee & Division of Agricultural Engineering ICAR-IARI, New Delhi

20, Oct 2020.
Extension Approaches on water management Organized by MANAGE, Hyderabad

26 Oct -  28 Oct, 2020.

30 Hrs. National Training program on Academic research tools and software from   18 Oct - 8 Nov, 2020
ICT Based New Paradigms of E-Teaching and E-learning: Digital Pedagogy Organized by Department of Computer Science, Mata Sundri College for Women, University of Delhi 15 Sept  -  30 Sept, 2020
Impact of Climate Change on Water Resources

Department of Agricultural Engineering, NERIST.

14 Oct– 25 Oct, 2019
AI and Machine Learning

Winter FDP Organized by IIT Guwahati, at NERIST

17 Dec - 21 Dec, 2018
Pedagogy training for outcome based Education organized by NITTTR, Bhopal at NERIST 16 – 17, March, 2017
Leadership and Team building in academia organized by NITTTR, Kolkatta at NERIST

30 Oct  – 3 Nov, 2017.

Statistical models for forecasting in Agriculture Education division ICAR, New Delhi and organized by Indian Agricultural and Statistical Research Institute (IASRI) September 11 – October 1,2012
Entrepreneurship Development Under Sustainable Farming System ICAR Research Complex for NEH Region, Sikkim Centre Tadong, Gangtok May 25 - June 14, 2009



  • a)    Research Papers
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  • Extension Publications :
  1. Pandey Vanita. 2012. Assessing the performance of selected temperature based model evapotranspiration under climatic conditions of East Sikkim. CAU Research Newsletter. January – June 2012.
  2. Pandey Vanita, M, Lalnunkimi and P.K.Pandey. 2012. Calibration of Temperature based Solar Radiation Models for East Sikkim. CAU Research Newsletter. July December 2012.
  3. Study of variation in temperature and relative humidity within naturally ventilated polyhouses in low and mid hill regions of Sikkim (India), pp. 22-24. CAU Research Newsletter. Published by Directorate of Research, CAU, Imphal, Manipur- 795004. 2319-3042. January-June 2015


  • Chapter in Edited Books:
  1. Radhey Shyam, Vanita Jha and Jodh Pal Singh: On farm study of leveling effect in rice and wheat crop in Uttaranchal Terai Drainage and Irrigation Water Management  Edited by Virendra Kumar, Jaspal Singh and S.R. Bhakar, Himanshu, 2005, xii, , ISBN : 8179060993.
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  • Extension/ Training manual publication
  1. Radheshyam and Vanita Jha, 2004 Selection and Maintenance of Sprinkler irrigation system.  Under NATP Scheme Improving skill and Instrumentation for water application in field for enhanced water use efficiency. Directorate of Research G.B.Pant University of Agriculture and Technology, Pantnagar,
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  4. Kusre, B.C., Vashisth A.K. and Vanita Pandey Project Planning for taking up soil and   water conservation work. Deptt. of Soil and Water Engg  CAEPHT, CAU Gangtok.
  5. Water Harvesting techniques edited by  G T Patle , Vanita Pandey, S.R.Yadav  (CAEPHT/2008/02).
  6. Drip Irrigation –An Introduction edited by  G T Patle , Vanita Pandey, S.R.Yadav  (CAEPHT/2008/17).
  7. Stream bank erosion control by low cost treatment edited by  Vanita Pandey, G T Patle , S.R.Yadav  (CAEPHT/2008/18)


  • Research Projects
    PI/Co PI Title Sponsoring Agency Cost Duration
    Vanita Pandey PI and Dr. M.S.Sevda, Co-PI Critical Analysis of Quality of Post Graduate Research in Physical Sciences of Agricultural Education System ICAR Extramural Research Projects Rs. 5.8 Lakh 2016-17
    Dr. M.S.Sevda, PI and Vanita Pandey Co-PI Gap Analysis of skill development in Agricultural Engineering and Technology Education ICAR Extramural Research Projects Rs. 6.0 Lakh 2016-17
    Patle G T –PI, Vanita Pandey CO-PI Assessment of infiltration rate of  a paddy growing area in a micro watershed of East Sikkim CAU Gangtok Rs. 1.16 Lakh Nov 2015-Oct 2016
    S.R.Yadav –PI,Vanita Pandey CO-PI, and P.dabnath CO-PI Chemical Analysis of water quality parameters of Rani-Khola and Busuk-Khola Rivers water for irrigation and domestic use of CAEPHT Campus CAU Gangtok Rs. 0.885 Lakhs 2009-10
    Patle G T –PI, Vanita Pandey CO-PI, S.R.Yadav  CO–PI Performance and evaluation of pressurized irrigation system on vegetable crop in the valley of East Sikkim CAU Gangtok Rs. 0.77 Lakhs 2009-10