पूर्वोत्तर क्षेत्रीय विज्ञान एवं प्रौद्योगिकी संस्थान   
North Eastern Regional Institute of Science and Technology 
deemed-to-be-university under the Ministry of Education, Govt. of India
Nirjuli - 791109, Arunachal Pradesh 
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Dr. Sarsing Gao


Electrical Machines, Distributed Power Generation, Energy and Power Quality

E-mail:sg [AT] nerist(dot)ac(dot)in
Phone(EPABX/Office):2257401 - 411 Ext. 7005

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Current Designation DOJ on current Position Type of Association Designation at the time of joining Date of joining in the organization
Professor  01/08/2014 Regular Lecturer 03/08/1994


From To Designation Organisation
August 2014   Till date Professor NERIST
August 2007 July 2014 Associate Professor NERIST
June 2000 July 2007 Senior Lecturer NERIST
August 1994 May 2000 Lecturer NERIST
Degree Subject University
Ph. D Electrical Engineering IIT Delhi  
M. Tech Alternate Hydro Energy Systems IIT Roorkee
B. Tech Electrical Engineering NEHU Shillong
From To Designation Organisation
May 2021 Till date Dean (Academic) NERIST
February 2018 May 2021 Controller of Examinations NERIST
December 2014 January 2018   Head, Dept. of Electrical Engineering NERIST
November 2011  December 2014 Head, ET Cell NERIST
July 2006 July 2007 Chairman, Gymkhana NERIST
July 1995 June 1999 Liaison Officer, SC/ST NERIST
  1. Senior Member, IEEE
  2. Life Member, ISTE
Title Course Code Module Semester
Electrical Trade Theory EE 2103 Base Second
Electrical Installation & Practice EE 2201 Base First
Electrical Appliances EE 2202 Base Second
Generation, Transmission and Distribution EE 3102 Diploma Second
Basic Electrical Engineering EE 4122 Diploma Second
Electrical Machine-II EE 4201 Diploma Second
Electrical Power Utilization EE 4203 Diploma First
Advanced Electrical Machine EE 5103 Degree First
Special Electromechanical Systems EE 6024 Degree Second
Renewable Power Generation Technologies EE 7102 PG First
Title of Project Names of Students Status
Modeling and Simulation of Doubly Fed Induction Generator Ms. Seme Pao Completed
Power Quality Aspects of Induction Generator Mr. Abhishek Kumar Completed
Voltage and Frequency Control of Grid connected Permanent Magnet Synchronous Generator Ms. Toko Chichi Completed
Power Quality Studies in Integrated Renewable Energy Sources Ms. Rinchin W. Mosobi Completed
Power Quality Improvement in a DC Motor Drive Mr. Tana Bida Completed
Power Quality Improvement in a AC Motor Drive Mr. Ng. Manichal Meitei Completed
Power Quality Improvement using Custom Power Devices Ms. Panchita Saikia Completed
Condition Monitoring of Three-phase Induction Motor Ms. Bandita Neog Completed
Performance Analysis of Electrical Machine using Finite Element Method Mr. Amlesh Kumar Completed
Feasibility Study of Renewable Energy based Micro Grid Ms. Sushma Linggi Completed
Study of Inverter Dominant Grid Mr. Tamchi Wadie Completed
Study of Renewable Energy based Utility Grid Ms. Nibha Borah Completed
Voltage and Frequency control of Micro Hydro Generator Mr. Liagi Tabyo Completed
Performance Improvement of Bushings in Transformer Mr. Omanso Tayang Completed
Study of Micro Hydro Power System Ms. Taba Yaker Completed
Topic Scholar Name Status of PhD Registration Year
Harnessing Hydro Power using Savonius rotor Mr. Rajen Pudur Awarded 2012
Power Quality Analysis of Integrated Renewable Energy Systems Ms. Rinchin W. Mosobi Awarded 2014
Design and Implementation of an Efficient Micro Hydro Power System Mr. P. Devachandra Singh Awarded 2015
Control of Inverter Fed Induction Motor Drive Mr. Akhilesh Kumar Awarded 2015
Alternative Hydro Power Generation System Ms. Oying Doso Awarded 2016
Course Name Sponsored By Date
Pedagogy Training for Outcome Based Education NITTTR, Bhopal Mar. 16-17, 2017
Recent Advances in Signal Processing and Semiconductors Devices   TEQIP Jan. 24-29, 2014
Pedagogical Training for Engineering Teachers TEQIP Mar. 21-23, 2014
Stress Management TEQIP Nov. 4-6, 2013
Optical Techniques and Devices in Scientific and Engineering System Applications TEQIP Oct. 28-Nov. 1, 2013
Integrated Circuits and Power Electronics TEQIP Sep. 30-Oct. 6, 2013
Advances in Computer Integrated Manufacturing and Robotics TEQIP June 26-30, 2012
A TEQIP sponsored FDP on Engineering Optimization  TEQIP May 14-18, 2012
Solar Photovoltaics: Fundamentals, Technologies and Applications ISTE Dec. 12-22, 2011
Recent Advances in Mechanics and their Applications AICTE Aug. 1-12, 2011
Computer Aided Design of Electrical Machines with Power Electronics Applications NaMPET Jan. 28-30, 2010
Energy Efficiency AICTE Dec. 03-10, 2009
Recent Advances in Sustainable Energy IEEE Dec. 15-16, 2009
Energy, Environment and Importance of Power Electronics IEEE Jan. 02-03, 2008
Advances in Devices, Communication and IT TEQIP July 16-18, 2007
Research Methodology ICSSR-NERC Mar. 20-24, 2006
Conference Name Sponsored By Date
Power Electronics Applications in Renewable Energy Systems SIDBI Apr. 10-12, 2003
Desk Top Publishing using MS Word Community Polytechnic Dec. 06-19, 2002
Power Electronics Applications ISTE Jul. 08-18, 2002
Title Place Date
Challenges of Variable Renewable Energy NIT Arunachal Pradesh Feb. 23, 2018
Induction Generator NIT Arunachal Pradesh, Yupia Dec. 20, 2013
Estimation of Global Solar Radiation using Empirical Correlation NERIST, Nirjuli Sep. 2, 2011
Small Hydro Power Development-an Overview APEDA, Itanagar Mar. 05, 2002
The Solar Energy Option-an Overview of Thermal Applications APEDA, Itanagar Dec. 20, 2002


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