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Asis Giri


Fluid Mechanics and Heat Transfer

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From To Designation Organisation
23rdJan., 2001 31stDec., 2003 Researcher Royal Institute of Technology, Sweden.
3/06/04  14/12/04 Lecturer BITS Pilani Goa Campus, India.
20/12/04 1/04/05 Visiting Scientist Bhaba Atomic Research Centre, Trombay, India.
07/04/ 05      31/05/06 Lecturer Haldia Institute of Technology, Haldia, India.
26/11/2009 16/12/2009 Associate Professor BSA College of Engg. And Technology, Mathura, India
22/12/2009 Present Professor North Eastern Regional Institute of Science and Technology, India.
Degree Subject University Year
Madhyamik Science WBBSE 1983
Higher Secondary Science WBCHSE 1985
B.E.(Mechanical Engg.) Mechanical Engg. B.E. College/ Calcutta University 1989
MSc. (Engg.) Heat Transfer and Fluid Mechanics I.I.Sc. 1993
Ph.D.(Engg.) Heat Transfer and Fluid Mechanics I.I.Sc. 2000
From To Designation Organisation
23/5/2011   26/8/2014 HOD(ME) North Eastern Regional Institute of Science and Technology
  1. ISHMT
  2. ASTE
Title Course Code Module Semester
Heat and Mass Transfer ME-5105 Degree 5th Semester
Experimental Technique ME-5251 Degree 6th Semester
Advanced Thermodynamics and Heat Transfer ME-7112 Post-Graduate 1st semester
Practice I ME-7251 Post-Graduate 1st Semester
Measurements and Control in Fluid and Thermal Engineering ME-7212 Post-Graduate 2nd Semester
Theory of Compressible flow ME-7002 Post-Graduate 2nd Semester
Practice II ME-7252 Post-Graduate 2nd Semester
Title of Project Names of Students
Entry region laminar mixed convection studies under simultaneous heat and mass transfer from extended surfaces (FINS). Mr. Kankan Kishore Pathak
A study of mixed convective condensation between parallel plates. Mr.DipankaBhuyan
Electronic chip cooling by natural convection in a closed enclosure with the presence of active wall Ms. Swastika Patel
Evaporation of fuel droplet. Ms.Sikha Rani Patgiri
A computational Study of natural convection for fixed and variable fin height. Mr.DebayanDasgupta
Performance analysis of thermo-syphon by using nano fluid. Mr.Sidhartha Das
Electronic cooling with phase change material using constant and variable height pin-fin. Mr.MaibamRomio Singh
Effect of surface tension on evaporation of fuel droplet. Mr.Abhijit Das
Topic Scholar Name Status of PHD Registration Year
Mixed convection heat transfer from a shrouded fin array with and without vortex generator. Mr.Biplab Das Completed 2010
Mixed and natural  convection heat transfer from variable fin height. Kankan Kishore Pathak Ongoing 2014
Condensation in parallel plate. DipankaBhuyan Ongoing 2014
Methanol fuel in Petrol and Diesel engine. Sidhartha Das Ongoing 2015
Electronic cooling using phase change material. MaibamRomio Singh Ongoing 2015
Course Name Sponsored By Date
Recent Advances in Mechanics and their application in Nano-Engineering and Technology. AICTE  1st to 12th August, 2011
Advances in Welding Technology. TEQIP-II 10-11th May, 2013
Appropriate Technology for rural Development. TEQIP-II 25-29th August, 2014
Conference Name Sponsored By Date
Computational and Experimental aspects in Thermal Sciences . TEQIP-II 27th Feb., to 2nd March, 2012
Advances in Welding Technology. TEQIP-II 10-11th May, 2013
Title Place Date
Bubble Dynamics College of Engineering and Management, Kolaghat 11th to 13th January, 2008.
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