पूर्वोत्तर क्षेत्रीय विज्ञान एवं प्रौद्योगिकी संस्थान   
North Eastern Regional Institute of Science and Technology 
deemed-to-be-university under the Ministry of Education, Govt. of India
Nirjuli - 791109, Arunachal Pradesh 
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Dr. Asis Giri


Fluid Mechanics and Heat Transfer

Phone(EPBX/Office): 03602247401-6191
Mobile No.: +91-9366053776

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From(Date of Joining) To Designation Organisation Nature of Association




NERIST Teaching and Research
2. 26/11/2009  16/12/2009 Associate Professor  BSA College of Engineering and Technology, Mathura Mainly Teaching
3. 07/04/2005 11/11/2009 Assistant Professor Haldia Institute of Technology , West-Bengal Mainly Teaching and Initiation of research
4. 20/12/2004     01/04/2005 Visiting Scientist Bhaba Atomic Research Center, Trombay Research
5. 03/06/2004 14/12/2004 Lecturer BITS Pilani Goa Campus, India Mainly Teaching
6. 23/01/2001 31/12/2003 Researcher Royal Institute of Technology, Sweden


Sl. No. Degree Subject Supervisor(s) University Year  
1. Ph.D.(Engg.) Heat Transfer and Fluid Mechanics Prof. Vijay H. Arakeri I.I.Sc., Bangalore 2000  
2. M.Sc.(Engg.) by Research Heat Transfer and Fluid Mechanics Prof. Mrityunjay Vijoy Krishna Murthy I.I.Sc., Bangalore 1993  
3. B.E.(Mechanical Engg.) Mechanical Engg. B.E. College's all Mechanical Engineering, Applied Mechanics, Mathematics, Electrical Engineering and Electronics Engineering Faculties.

B.E. College/

Calcutta University

4. H.S.(12th) Science All Teachers in Banamali Chatta High School. WBCHSE 1985  
5. Secondary (10th ) Science All Teachers in Kajlagarh M.S.B.C.M. High School.  WBBSE 1983  
Sl. No. From To Designation Organisation
1. 26/08/2014 July, 2016

NBA Co-ordinator of our Department under the Chairmanship of Prof. Pradip Lingfa along with other members as follows defended in the year 2016 

(1) Assistant Prof. Nabam Teyi.

(2) Dr. Mariyam Dabi

(3) Dr. Biplab Das,

(4) Dr. S. Tamang,

(5) Dr. K.K. Mandal,

(6) Dr. N.K. Rana,

(7) Dr. S. S. Gautam

(8) Dr. Sandeep Singh

NERIST, Itanagar, Arunachal Pradesh, India
2. 23/5/2011 26/08/2014 HOD(ME) NERIST, Itanagar, Arunachal Pradesh, India
  1. Indian Society for Heat and Mass Transfer (ISHMT).
  2. The Indian Society for Technical Education (ISTE). 



Title Course Code Module Semester
1. Heat and Mass Transfer ME-5105(Old designation) and ME-23101(New designation) Degree 1st Semester
2. Power Plant Engineering ME-6103(old designation) Degree 1st Semester
3. Two Phase Flow and Heat Transfer ME-6007(old designation) Degree 1st Semester
4. Refrigeration and Air-Conditioning ME-5204(old designation) Degree 2nd Semester
5. Fluid Machines ME-4104(old designation) Diploma 1st Semester
6. Automobile Engineering ME-4001|(old designation) Diploma 2nd Semester
7. Solar Energy Engineering ME-4008(old designation) Diploma 2nd Semester
8. Fundamental of Fluid Mechanics ME-3201(old designation) Diploma 2nd Semester
9. Principles of Mechanical Engineering ME-4121(Old designation) Diploma (for Civil Engg.) 1st Semester
10. Advanced Thermodynamics and Heat Transfer ME-7112 Post-Graduate 1st semester
11. Advanced Fluid Mechanics ME-7111 Post-Graduate 1st Semester
12. Measurements and Control in Fluid and Thermal Engineering ME-7212 Post-Graduate 2nd Semester
13. Theory of Compressible Flow ME-7002 Post-Graduate 2nd Semester
14. Numerical Techniques for Engineering Applications ME-7100 Post-Graduate 1st Semester
15. Laboratory Practice-I ME-7152 Post-Graduate 1st Semester
16. Laboratory Practice-II ME-7252 Post-Graduate 2nd Semester
Sl. No. Title of Project Names of Students Singly/Jointly Guided Year of Completion Outcome
1. Entry region laminar mixed convection studies under simultaneous heat and mass transfer from extended surfaces (FINS). Mr. Kankan Kishore Pathak Jointly with Mr. B. Das (The then faculty; Presently at NIT-Silchar) 2014 Int. J. Heat and Mass Transfer(Elsevier, 63 years old SCIE Journal)
2. A study of mixed convective condensation between parallel plates. Mr. Dipanka Bhuyan Jointly with Mr. B. Das (The then faculty; Presently at NIT-Silchar) 2014 Int. J. Thermal  Science (Elsevier, 63 years Old SCIE Journal)
3. Electronic chip cooling by natural convection in a closed enclosure with the presence of active wall Ms. Swastika Patel Singly 2014 ASME. J. of Heat Transfer (146 year old, SCIE Journal)
4. Evaporation of fuel droplet. Ms. Sikha Rani Patgiri Singly(But We had indirect collaboration with Prof.(Dr.) Sujit Ghosal from Jadavpur University and Prof.(Dr.) Sukanta K. Dash from IITKGP, Kharagpur) 2014  
5. Performance analysis of thermo-syphon by using nano-fluid. Mr. Sidhartha Das Jointly with Prof. S. Kanagaraj| (IIT-
2015 ASME J. of TSEA(15 years old SCOPUS Journal)
6. Effect of surface tension on evaporation of fuel droplet. Mr. Abhijit Das Singly (But we had indirect collaboration with Prof. Sujit Ghosal from Jadavpur University and Prof. Sukanta K. Dash from IITKGP, Kharagpur) 2015 ---
7. Investigation of Forced Convective Cooling of Rectangular Block Mr. Krishna Roy Singly (indirectly the then research Scholar Mr. Maibam Romio Singh was involved) 2016 Book-Chapter in Springer (SCOPUS)
8. Experimental Analysis of Electronic Chip Cooling in a Rectangular Flow Channel using water as a working fluid Mr. Ojing Sriram Jointly with Mr. N. Teyi(NERIST) 2016 ---
9. Natural Convection Condensation Through parallel Plate Channel Mr. Madhurya Borah

Jointly with

Md. S.M. Khan(NERIST)

2017 ---
Sl. No. Topic Scholar Name



Status of PHD Completion  Year
1. Mixed convection heat transfer from a shrouded fin array with and without vortex generator. Biplab Das Singly Completed 2015
2. Laminar Convective Heat Transfer From Shrouded Vertical Variable Height Fin Array Kankan Kishore Pathak Jointly with Prof. P. Lingfa (NERIST) Completed 2018
3. Study of Filmwise Condensation From Moist Air Inside a Vertical Parallel Plate Channel. Dipanka Bhuyan Jointly with Prof. P. Lingfa (NERIST) Completed 2019

But some guidance and support were provided To. Mr. Maibam Romio Singh for his Research Programme.

Sl. No. Course Name Organisers Sponsored By Date
1. Recent Advances in Mechanics and their Application in Nano-Engineering and Technology.

Prof. Ashish Mallick (Main Organiser); The then Honourable Director Prof. P.K. Das (Chief Patron)

AICTE  1st to 12th August, 2011
2. Advances in Welding Technology. Prof. Muthumari Chandrasekaran and Prof. Sutanu Samanta; The then Honourable Director(i/c) Prof.Hardeo Singh Yadav(Chief Patron)  TEQIP-II 10-11th May, 2013
3. Appropriate Technology for Rural Development. Prof. Pradip Lingfa, Prof. Marium Dabi and Prof. Biplab Das(all are main organising committee); The then Honourable Director Prof. Dipankar Pal (Chief Patron) TEQIP-II 25-29th August, 2014
Sl. No. Conference Name Organisers Sponsored By Date
1. Computational and Experimental aspects in Thermal Sciences. Prof. Biplab Das (Main), Dr. Asis Giri (supporting) TEQIP-II 27th Feb., to 2nd March, 2012
2. Advances in Welding Technology. Prof. Sutanu Samanta and Prof. Muthumari Chadrasekaran (both of them are main organisers), Prof. Uday Sankar Dixit (Chairman), Dr. Asis Giri (Co-Chairman) TEQIP-II 10-11th May, 2013
Sl. No. Title Place Date
1. Bubble Dynamics and Sono-fusion College of Engineering and Management, Kolaghat, West-Bengal

11th to 13th January, 2008.

2. Fin/Extended Surface Heat Transfer in the Presence and Absence of Vortex Generator NIT-Arunachal Pradesh 5th to 9th March, 2018

Sometimes it is found Journal Indexing is changing with time. Below Whatever is written according to the Journal indexing found in my website with my computer. Cyber security is a genuine concern, which needs be addressed by the Governments, the Industries and the Businesshouses over the Globe with minimising the sentiments as much as possible. 


(A.1) National Journal (UGC(University Grant Commission in India) Care)

1. Giri Asis, (Year-2022) ‘The Effect of Acoustic Cavitation in a Viscous Liquid of Ethylene Glycol: A Numerical  Study’, Int. J. Research and Analytical Reviews, Vol. 9(2), pp. 66-71. (UGC-care Journal)

 (A.2)  International Journals (SCI/SCIE/SCOPUS)

  1. Giri Asis, Singh M.R., (year 2023)  ‘A comparative study on a shrouded fin array with and without its finite dimension in the flow geometry,’ ASME J. Heat and Mass Transfer, volume 145(8) 084502(10pages) *IF=1.89.

  2. Mazumdar, NS, Lingfa, P., Giri, Asis, (year 2023), ‘Two‐phase modelling of evaporation characteristics of ethanol droplet under force‐convection environment,’ Heat Transfer (Wiley) 52 (4), 3027-3057, *IF= 0.6 (A SCOPUS Journal, 52 years old
  3. Pathak, K.K., Giri, Asis, Bhuyan D., Roy K, (year 2022), ‘A comparative numerical study of estimation of velocity components in mixed convection through vertical shrouded   finned channel’, ASME J. Of Thermal Science and Engineering Application, volume14(12), p121013 *IF =1.8 (SCOPUS Journal 15 years old, earlier it was SCIE)
  4. Roy, Krishna, Das, B., Pathak, K.K., Giri, Asis, (year-2022) ‘Thermo-Hydraulic Analysis of Slightly Inclined Finned Channel under Natural Convection,’ Journal of Applied Fluid Mechanics, volume15,(4) pp.985-998. https://doi.org/10.47176/jafm.15.04.3330, *IF: 1.369. 
  5. Singh, M.R., Giri, Asis, (year-2021), ‘A Comparison of the Performance of Constant And Dual Height Pin Fins in Phase change Material Cooling Technique’, ASME J. Of Thermal Science and Engg. Applications, volume 13(4), 041027-1-11. https://doi.org/10.1115/1.4048665, *IF: 1.544.
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(B) Book Chapter:

35. Roy, Krishna, Giri Asis, Singh, Maibam R., ‘Experimental Investigation of Forced Convective Cooling of Rectangular Block,’ Lecture Notes in Mechanical Engineering in a book series published in Advances in Mechanical Engineering, by Springer, Singapore, 17th Jan., 2020, https://doi.org/10.1007/978-981-15-0124-1_62

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   (D) International/National Conference Paper:

38. Singh, M.R., Giri, Asis, Lingfa, P. ‘Enhancing heat transfer in phase change material-based cooling: A review’, AIP (i.e., American Institute of Physics) Conference Proceedings January, 2022 (2421) 060008.

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Funds provided to IISc. (Indian Institute of Science, Bangalore) and NERIST (North-Eastern Regional Institute of Science and Technology, Itanagar) by the Ministry, Human Resource and Development (MHRD) from India for all these works are highly acknowledged. For creating amicable ambience Indian Government is also highly acknowledged. Nerist Fraternity and Arunachal-Pradesh Govt. are also acknowledged for creating amicable ambience in NERIST and their influence in my development. For the basic developments to reach this far West-Bengal (an Indian State) Govt. is also acknowledged highly. Thereafter for the further basic developments Karnataka (another Indian State) Govt. is also acknowledged to attain this achievement. 

I further acknowledge Bengal-Engineering-College's/BESU's/IIEST's (in short B.E. College at Howrah, West-Bengal, Bharat (India) in my time) Fraternity and Calcutta University's Fraternity, IISc.'s (Bangalore, Karnataka, Bharat(India) fraternity.

Indirect roles played for doing all these stated works by Leaders (past and present), Spiritual Leaders(Past and Present), Academicians (direct and indirect), Business-Houses, Industrialists, Entertainment-Industry's Fraternity, Medical-Practitioners, Law-and-Justice's Fraternity, Solders (past and present), Transport-Sector's Fraternity, Security Personal, Technicians, Friends, Scholars, School-Teachers (direct and indirect), Postal-Department's Fraternity, Agriculturists, Support-Staff, Home-Makers, Students and Helpers from all Spheres are very effective. 

Dr. Asis Giri