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North Eastern Regional Institute of Science and Technology 
deemed-to-be-university under MHRD, Govt.of India
Nirjuli - 791109, Arunachal Pradesh
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Santosh Tamang

Assistant Professor

Machining Optimization, Soft computing Applications, Sustainable machining

E-mail: santoshtamang05[AT]yahoo(dot)com, skt[AT]nerist(dot)ac(dot)in,
Phone(EPBX/Office): 03602257401-8 Extn. 6185

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From To Designation Organisation
30.12.2014 Till Date Assistant Professor NERIST
Degree Subject University Year
Ph.D. Mechanical Engineering NERIST 2018
M. Tech CIMA NERIST 2013
B.E Mechanical Engg.,  COEP, Maharashtra 2011
HSC Science, maths, Social studies, English, Hindi CBSE 2005
From To Designation Organisation
28.08.2015 22.09.2018 Hostel Warden- Block D NERIST
17.01.2018 Till date Member, Institute AICTE cell  
Title Course Code Module Semester
Comprehensive Mechanics ME 3103 Diploma 1st
Operation Research ME 5101 Degree 1st
Materials & shop theory ME 2151 Base 1st
Engineering Mechanics ME 2201 Base 2nd
Prod. Cost & Quality Mang. ME 4201 Diploma 2nd
Mechanical Drawing ME 1251 Base 2nd
Mechanical Sciences ME 2101 Base 1st
Title of Project Names of Students


Experimental Investigation and Process    Modelling of Machining Al. matrix based Nano-composite. MR. S.K.LALMUAN VAIPHEI
Charaterization  and Optimization of Mg-Sic Nano-composites Mr. Hemanta Doley
Machining investigation of hybrid composites MUGHAKA B.SEMA (DE/14/ME/08),: MANTU RANGSON (DE/13/ME/104),:NITESH KUMAR YADAV (DE/13/ME/110)
Fuzzy set based optimization of cylindrical grinding process G. Gangmei, : M. Chawang
Course Name Sponsored By Date
Design of Expert in Engineering -An Optimization Tool (DOEOT)   Self finance


21st Dec-24 Dec'15


Recent Advances in Tribology and materialsforTribological Applications TEQIP April 10-14, 2013


TEQIP 31st July  to 9th August, 2014

International Journals:

  1. Tamang, S. K., Chandrasekaran, M., Palanikumar, K., Arunachalam, R., 2019. Machining performance optimization of MQLassisted turning of Inconel-825 superalloy using GA for industrial applications. International Journal of Machining and Machinability of Materials. Vol. 21(2), pp. 43–65. (SCIE; Impact factor : 0.46)
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  13. Tamang, S. K., Chandrasekaran, M., 2013. Multi response optimization of surface roughness and tool wear in turning Al/SiC particulate metal matrix composites using Taguchi grey relational analysis. Manufacturing Technology Today, Vol. 10, pp. 14–21. (Scopus)

International Conferences:

  1. Das, S., Tamang, S.K., Chandrasekaran, M., Samanta, S. Experimental Investigation, Modeling and Optimization of Tribological Parameters of AA6061/SiC/B4C Hybrid Nano Composites, 4th International Conference on Composite Materials and Material Engineering, Jan 19-21, 2019, Tokyo, Japan.
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